An Update on the Belmont/Ashland/Lincoln Intersection Makeover

The intersection makeover will include new bump-outs, crosswalks, and bike lanes.
The intersection makeover will include new bump-outs, crosswalks, and bike lanes.

Two years ago the Chicago Department of Transportation announced ambitious plans to fix the confusing, crash-prone six-way intersection of Belmont, Ashland, and Lincoln in Lakeview. The makeover proposal included curb bump-outs to shorten crossing distances, tighten turning radii for drivers, and straighten out the kink in Lincoln; two new crosswalks along Belmont, and new bike boxes and cross-intersection bike lanes on Lincoln. Read about the full plans here. At the time, CDOT hoped to begin construction on the project in spring 2018, i.e. now.

That’s not happening yet, according to department spokesman Mike Claffey. The project is currently in the final phase of engineering, but the construction timetable is not set yet, he said.

Meanwhile the area is scheduled to get about $995,000 in lighting improvements, bankrolled by funds from the local tax-increment financing (TIF) district. The upgrades will include new arterial lighting along Ashland, new ornamental lighting, and LED fixture upgrades on existing lighting along Lincoln. Here are the deets:

New arterial lighting along Ashland Avenue
Ashland: Melrose to Henderson
School: Ashland to Lincoln
Marshfield: North of School/Lincoln to alley

New ornamental lighting along Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln: Belmont to School

LED fixture upgrades
Lincoln: Melrose to School

So while it’s a drag that the intersection makeover isn’t starting anytime soon, at least better lighting should have some effect on safety. So perhaps we should look on the bright side.

  • Chicagoan

    Ah, I didn’t even know they were planning to fix up this intersection. Happy to hear it. Dislike walking there.

  • Carter O’Brien

    You know, they could start with some larger and better placed No Left Turn signs for Belmont traffic. Confused and agitated drivers are not a great combo for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • ardecila

    I’m not sure why it takes over two years to design these fixes when CDOT was able to design and paint bumpouts on Milwaukee Ave through Wicker Park in a matter of months.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    One reason is that these bump-outs will be built with concrete, not easily-reversible paint-and-post formations, so they’ve got to get the design right the first time.

  • Chicago60609

    These 3 road intersections should be made into traffic circles, the real kind, not the Chicago kind.


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