Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 1

  • RTA Chief: Metra Derailment Is a Symptom of Insufficient Funding for Transit Infra (WGN)
  • Tribune’s Mary Wisniewski Discusses Whether or Not the O’Hare Express Plan Is Realistic (WGN)
  • Chicago Mag: London’s Airport Express Works, But the O’Hare Plan Is a Riskier Endeavor
  • FOTP Questions Plan to Spend $1.8 on More Car Parking at North Avenue Beach (Tribune)
  • Ex-DNAinfo Bike Reporter Alisa Hauser Interviews Outgoing Divvy GM Elliot Greenberger (Sun-Times)
  • TOD With 45 Spaces, 17 Spots Will Replace Gas Station Near Diversey Stop (Curbed)
  • Brookfield Adds Curb Bump-outs, Bike Symbols to Arden Avenue Near Park, Zoo (Active Trans)
  • Carpentersville Bike Shop Owner Discusses the Ups and Downs of the Biz (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Interviews “Cycling in Chicago” Author, Signing at Roscoe Village Bikes on 12/2 at 5:30 PM
  • Donate Food & Used Bike Bags at 12/9 Party at Timbuk2 Benefitting Food Depository, West Town Bikes

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  • Tooscrapps

    “Hell no!” to the North Ave parking lot expansion.

    The City just spent a few million separating the path to reduce conflicts and now they want to increase the number of cars coming across the bike path? Improve the circle for drop-offs and eliminate everything but disabled parking. If people know that they have zero a chance of a parking spot (instead of the current 2% chance), people will stop driving to the beach only to get turned back like they do now.

  • Jeremy

    I just listened to the Mary Wisniewski interview. She said a full tunnel route would cost $3 billion to build. O’Hare is 16 miles to Union Station. Don’t subway tunnels cost $1 billion per mile? Is the $3 billion number coming from Elon Musk’s claim that he can tunnel cheaper?

  • F. Hayek 69

    Why should only Lincoln Park residents be allowed to access the beach? A parking lot allows less fortunate families who don’t have the privilege of living close by a way to enjoy beautiful Lake Michigan.

  • Carter O’Brien

    There are acres of parking lots for the beaches, just not in one of the oldest and most well developed parts of the City. The real problem is public transportation access to this beach is not
    good. The #11 Lincoln used to be a great way to get families walking distance from the
    beach, and it not only went far NW, but it picked up and dropped off at
    the Fullerton L stop.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Tunnel prices are all over the board, but $3 billion for 16 miles seems low. Corrected for inflation, the Chunnel cost $500 million/mile. The recently opened Gotthard Base Tunnel cost $339 million/mile. New York’s recent Second Avenue subway extension cost $2.25 billion/mile.

  • Tooscrapps

    There are countless access points to Lake Michigan up and down the shore of Chicago. Many have large parking lots with more turnover.

    The North Ave parking lot has very little turnover during peak season and causes more headaches than it’s worth. People drive there and cause backups only to be turned away by a full lot. I would recommend using the Zoo or History Museum lots if you want to drive to the beach.

  • F. Hayek 69

    Sounds like you’re advocating for separate beaches based on income.

  • Tooscrapps

    Merely refuting your claim that only the rich have access to the Lake. There is no income requirement or admission fee for the Lake and its beaches. But there is one if you chose to drive you car there. Rich and poor alike.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Nope, I’m advocating for just the opposite, better public transportation access to all beaches, for everyone.

    If you think that not providing parking is the same thing as restricting access – bearing in mind Chicago enjoys an 18 mile unbroken stretch of shoreline – I think you’re going to have to better explain how using public transportation is upper class while using a privately owned vehicle is lower class. Take your time with this one.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Putting that $1.8 million toward improving CTA bus service on North Avenue through strategies like prepaid all-door boarding, transit-friendly stoplights, bus stop consolidation, and/or dedicated lanes would be a much more effective way to help lower-income families access the beach.

  • Yes, there is an admission fee if you wish to park at the beach, and expanding that will help poor people how, exactly?