Today’s Headlines for Thursday, October 26

  • Studies: Local Commutes Are Long, But Decent Transit Service Makes Them Less Stressful (DNA)
  • Ald. Villegas Calls for Cutting CTA Funding if the Agency Doesn’t Hire More Latinos (Sun-Times)
  • 2 Officers Seriously Injured After Crashing Their Car Into Avalon Park Construction Site (NBC)
  • Police Say Bike Cops Could Help Address West Loop Crime Spike (DNA)
  • CMAP Will Help Bridgeport and Canaryville Develop Community Plan (DNA)
  • Now That Belmont/Western Overpass Is Gone, Neighbors Float Ideas for Development (DNA)
  • Elmhurst Awarded $10M in CMAQ Funds to Rehab Its Metra Station (MSL)
  • State Considers Fixing up Some Roadside Rest Stops, Closing Others (Tribune)
  • Lane Closures on the Ike This Weekend for Jane Byrne Interchange Work (DNA)
  • CMAP’s Bob Dean Discusses GO TO 2040 & ON TO 2050 on 11/2 at UIC’s CUPPA Hall

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  • Courtney

    Ald. Villegas makes no sense. Let’s cut funding because the agency isn’t hiring some subjective quota he feels they should meet and then magically they’ll somehow have funds to hire the folks HE wants them to hire? *eye roll*

  • Kevin M

    He’s pandering to some portion of his constituents while also whining about not having enough Machine power. If he can just appoint more jobs, he’ll have more power…please, lets help this poor public servant (apply–himself–to the CTA, and get out of office).

  • Kevin M
  • Chicagoan

    Alderman Villegas is pandering so hard it should be an example in Merriam-Webster.