Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 25

  • Guard Rails Will Be Installed Wherever New Separated Bike Paths Are Within 30′ of LSD (ATA)
  • Like Friends of the Park, Midway Plaisance Advisory Committee Opposes OPC Garage (HPH)
  • Too Many Government Units Drive up the Cost of Some Services in Illinois (MPC)
  • Plans Unveiled for What Could Be the City’s 6th -Tallest Skyscraper (Tribune)
  • Evanston Residents Oppose High-Rise, With Some Arguing It Will Make Biking Less Safe (DW)
  • More Info on the Wilson Station’s New “Arpeggio” Sculpture (DNA)
  • Rosa Hosts Meeting on Milwaukee Ave. Downzowning on 10/30 at Hairpin Arts (DNA)
  • MPC Roundable on “Driverless Cars: The Public Sector’s Role” 11/2, 8 AM at MPC Offices

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  • There are trade offs between democracy and efficiency to consider when objecting to too many govt units. Saving money can subvert quality of life. Beware.

  • planetshwoop

    Sure, but there’s clearly room for improvement. Many places in Illinois have a county, a town, township all managing roads. So that’s three sets of equipment, part time staff, voting equipment, property, etc. etc. Surely some of that could more easily be shared to reduce.

    It’s a double-edged sword – no one wants to cut pay for librarians, I think — but because of the huge number of Illinois taxing bodies, it has gotten away from itself. And since many are obscure, it really does open up a lot of opportunities where people hire their cousin, wife, etc. for work instead of an open process.

    (I wish someone would look at the SSAs and grants administered by the city the same way. So. much. wasted. money.)

    I thought this article from a few years ago has good background on why it is this way and examples from the suburbs. I don’t think Reuters is a raving Norquist-style publication, generally:

  • Just saying beware. Efficiency is often a Trojan horse for shifting local control to centralized control. Yes relatives on the public payroll is a problem but a centralized bureaucracy with insufficient oversight is too. Instead of mom and pop patronage you get corporate patronage. Just saying.

    Reuters is absolutely in bed with corporate neo-liberal austerity style economics and corporate style governances. Not saying they are peddlers of fake news but slants and omissions can go a long ways towards disinformation.