Today’s Headlines for Friday, August 16

  • Residents Protest Plan to Redevelop Men’s Hotel Next to Wilson Stop (Chicagoist)
  • Man Fires Into Red Line Car From Jackson Platform, Wounding a Passenger (Tribune)
  • Driver Crashes Into Bulls Practice Facility Across From United Center (NBC)
  • Metra Has Hired Joe Schwieterman to Calculate Cost-of-Delay Estimates (Tribune)
  • Uber & Lyft Are Refunding Extreme Surge Pricing Fares Charged During CTA Shutdown (DNA)
  • CTA to Offer Notifications to Avoid Cubs Crowding, Incentives to Ride During Other Times (Tribune)
  • Developer Vows to Reuse Historic Facade in Logan Square TOD (Curbed)
  • $5K Bike Stolen From Wicker Park Recovered by Officer Posing as a Buyer (DNA)
  • Metra Extends Service for the Air & Water Show (Patch)

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Note: The headline regarding the Air and Water Show previously included a common nickname for the event, which, after comments from readers and further reflection, I now feel was inappropriate for the site. I’ve edited the headline accordingly. Thanks for the feedback on this. -JG

  • A Now Former Reader

    Regardless of what you think of the Air & Water show it is deeply offensive for you to use the phrase “War & Slaughter.” Our soldiers, sailors and airmen are fighting to protect our lives not to slaughter anyone. This is supposed to be a blog about transportation. You should stick to what you know best.

  • Yes a robust democracy is worth fighting to protect and those who are able and do step forward to do so deserve our full gratitude.

    That said let us not be blinded by any false patriotisms and not recognize those wars driven by greed and vainglory.

    Wars are the worst catastrophes that can befall a city. It behooves us to avoid them when there are better options.

  • Jeremy

    I read that NBC story about the Bulls practice facility. The word “crash” was used at least 4 times. “Accident” wasn’t used once. Is this considered progress?

  • I think so.

  • I agree that this editorializing doesn’t have a place on Streetsblog. It’s unprofessional and hurts the credibility of the site. Let’s stick to transportation and avoid political/social issues that are unrelated or only loosely related to transit.

  • Robert Kania

    What’s wrong with the Air and Water Show!?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    “The War and Slaughter Show” is a common nickname for the event, and my inclusion of it was influenced by the fact that I feel the show is a noisy, expensive, and potentially deadly ( ) advertisement for the military. No disrespect was meant for men and women in uniform. But, you’re right, the headline stack wasn’t an appropriate place to voice that opinion, and I’ll avoid that kind of editorializing here in the future. See note above. I apologize for the error. Thanks for the comment.

  • Kevin M

    It is an aggressive, machismo demonstration of weapons of mass destruction and (relative to this blog’s foxus) it is a celebration of the gross waste of taxpayer funds at the expense of other federal funding responsibilities–such as transportation.

  • crosspalms

    I hadn’t heard that nickname, but it’s funny and appropriate. And I think editorializing is fine here. I was riding downtown on my bike Thursday to run some errands when a couple of the Blue Angels ripped the sky apart overhead. Anything that startles me when I’m riding is transit-related. And the show also poses the question of how we spend public money. So, for anyone biking to the show, count the potholes on your way to the lakefront.

  • Vooch

    you selected a good title –