Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, January 4

  • Dennis’ Law, Clarifying That Cyclists Have Same Rights as Drivers, Is Now in Effect (Keating)
  • Alderman Pawar, Who Helped Win #31, #11 Bus Pilots, Is Running for Governor (Chicagoist)
  • Mechanical Failure Delayed Trains on Two Metra Lines This Morning (NBC)
  • 479-Unit Tower Will Replace Low-Rise Parking Garage at 800 S. Michigan (Curbed)
  • Sears Store by Ravenswood Stop Will Be Turned Into 50 Units, Retail, 80 Parking Spots (Tribune)
  • Video: Many Months of Wilson Station Work Condensed Into 5 Minutes (YouTube)
  • TakeĀ This Survey to Help Determine Format for Mayor’s Bike Advisory Council Meetings

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  • So bikes having the same rights-of-way as cars on streets would seem to legally reinforce the practice of riding in the middle of a traffic lane no matter how slowly as long as they were riding above the legal minimum speed limit. Now if we could just perfect the rear fender mounted air bag that inflates whenever a car gets within 12 inches of a bike…

  • Ride-sharing is what hitch-hiking does. Car sharing is what uber and Lyft does. This will become obvious with driverless cars.

    Ownership of the park-and-ride lot will be a competitive advantage for the transit agency that owns their own fleet of driverless cars to pick up/drop off last mile (and five) passengers. You pretty much only need as many driverless cars as maximum borders/deborders on the busiest train of the day.

    The advantage increases when the price of the ride is included in the ticket price of the train/bus ride.

  • Anne A

    The Rock Island Metra line also had delays this morning. They said it was due to an emergency track repair.

  • Uber and Lyft aren’t car-sharing, they’re barely-registered jitneys. Zipcar is car sharing.

  • what_eva

    I hatehateHATE how the press has bought into uber/lyft’s marketing themselves as “car-sharing” or “ride-sharing”. They run a regulation-ignoring gypsy cab operation that has managed to avoid being shut down by getting enough users and drivers to sign on faster than most local governments would act. Said governments then have largely decided they would anger voters by shutting it down, so most tucked their tails (or uber has the mayor’s brother as an investor like here) and have let uber decimate their taxis (Austin a notable exception).