Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 28

  • CBS‘ Dave Savini Looks at the Issue of Trashed and Blocked Bike Lanes
  • Friends and Colleagues Remember Cyclist Anastasia Kondrasheva (DNAHerald)
  • CTA Rejects Bombardier Appeal, Awards $1.3B Rail Car Contract to CSR Sifang (Crain’s)
  • Residents Voice Support for North Side Transit TIF at 48th Ward Meeting (DNA)
  • Why Are Portions of the Brown Line at Grade Level? (DNA)
  • CTA Pulls Red Line Car From Service After Bed Bugs Found Onboard (Tribune)
  • Red Eye‘s “Transit Diaries” Column Marks 1-Year Anniversary
  • Which Neighborhoods Have the Most Block Parties? (DNA)
  • The ‘L’, The Handlebar, and Oscar Wastyn Cycles Featured in New TV Series (Reader)
  • Lots of Events on the Lakefront Trail in October (Active Trans)

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  • Pat

    Glad Rob Johnson got his windshield perspective in at the end of the CBS 2 piece.

  • Anne A

    Yeah, that was *special.*

  • Anne A

    Block parties – yeah, sometimes I feel like the 19th ward has too many on some days – at least too many in close proximity to each other on the same dates. Makes it tough to get around, even by bike.

  • Chicagoan

    I’m convinced that CSR Sifang receiving the contract over Bombardier is part of some long game that involves Mayor Emanuel & a shadowy Chinese investment consortium, ultimately having to do with Chinese funding for the O’Hare express train.

    TLDR: Chinese money

  • Elias Zamaria

    I am very curious about why portions of the brown line are at grade level, but the link is pointing to the wrong article. Can anyone fix it?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • My husband regularly rides Elston, and he’s volcanically pissed that much of the bike lane on the new Elston curve is still barricaded off or has catastrophically missing pavement.