Today’s Headlines for Monday, June 27

  • Bouquets and Brickbats for Friends of the Parks Following Lucas’ Departure (DNA)
  • A Byproduct of the Lucas Drama: Bears Get to Set Parking Rates on Game Days (DNA)
  • Driver Injures Child on Stateboard in Alley Behind Giddings Plaza (DNA)
  • New Ordinance Formally Creates the Shared Street Pilot Program on Argyle (CDOT)
  • Shocking News! UberPool Is Faster Than CTA, But Transit Is Cheaper (Tribune)
  • Wilmette’s 1st “Roll and Stroll” Event Encourages Residents to Leave Cars at Home (ATA)
  • Beloved CTA Customer Assistant Known as “Mayor” of Armitage Brown Line Stop (DNA)
  • Cute Overload: Adorable Photo of Kid With New Trike at “Cycle of Peace” Event (DNA)

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  • Actually the alley runs through Giddings Plaza not next to it. If you think about it Giddings Plaza is the original prototype for Argyle Shared Street project. Just badly done.

    (Google street view shows it all ->,-87.6872569,3a,75y,198.12h,78.85t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQrrD5F7B1O6gcwkDPlkIWQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 )

    The planters on the alley’s west edge now cause a blind spot for motor vehicles using the alley. The south edge of the alley/plaza allow for a biker/skate boarder/rollerblader instant blind appearance from plaza to alley. I bet that’s where the accident happened. The north edge has a fence and plant. Even if a car came to a perfect stop there, they could still hit someone rolling east into the alley when thecar begins their still blind startup. If you do the google steet view (alley view here) you will see several redesign opportunities to improve sight lines.

    The good news here is that they are considering closing the entire Lincoln avenue strip from Leland to Lawrence. The bad news is that it will make the alley even more important than it is now.

    Again, rather than closing Lincoln, they likely should see how Argyle Shared Street goes and see if that is the way to go next.

  • Chicagoan

    I’d love to have that part of N. Lincoln Ave. pedestrian-ized, it’d make it even more vibrant than it is nowadays.

  • Chicagoan
  • Jeremy

    There is a survey regarding a remodel of Lincoln Avenue between Webster and Diversey in the 43rd Ward. I received this in an email from Alderman Michelle Smith.