Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 16

  • Bike Courier Blaine Klingenberg Died After Crash With Tour Bus (TribuneCBS, DNA)
  • John Bills, Found Guilty in RedFlex Scandal, May Be Sentenced to 30 Years (Tribune)
  • Metra Board Approves $3 Million Contract to Renovate Calumet Station (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Honors Winners of This Year’s Safety Poster & Essay Contest (Patch)
  • New TOD Next to Belmont Red Line Stop May Include Zero Parking Spots (Curbed)
  • Loop North News Argues Traffic Jams Are a Symptom of Too Much Density
  • The 500-Cycle “Bike Builder” Giveaway Will Be in Lawndale This Year (Active Trans)

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  • JacobEPeters

    north loop new link directs to Tribune Redflex scandal

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • Attempting to connect the dots, can anybody confirm my photo is of Blaine from yesterday’s crash? Heading into work back in January and we had a humorous moment. He had quite a load on the Bullit.

  • Chicagoan

    The Loop North News writer called for a moratorium on development in Lincoln Park?


  • GA

    Excessive density in Lincoln Park? The same Lincoln Park that’s been hemorrhaging population for decades? Obviously abnormal vehicular traffic caused by a fluke, mass conversions of three flats into SFHs, and even sewer work indicates that the neighborhood is overpopulated and development must be curtailed.

  • Actually “density” is John’s word. The article said “over developed”. And while yes that particular jam was an outlier, I have found traffic getting generally worse around there over the years. So while people density has been falling, car density has been rising. Knock down a three flat with six to ten people and no a garage and replace it with a single family home with four people and a three car garage and guess what?

  • GA

    The construction of new apartments and condos is quite clearly cited. The “historic traffic jam” was a fluke and not at all a logical reason to restrict development in Lincoln Park. NIMBYs have fought new projects at every turn (Webster Square, CMH, etc) and this is just more of the same sentiment.

  • All development isn’t created equal. Lincoln Park has been losing people but gaining Canyoneros because of who is driving the development. You don’t see a lot of kids, aka people who don’t drive (by definition), playing in the streets in Lincoln Park these days. There seems to be a lot of multiunit buildings being deconverted into SFHs, as well as SFHs built over two lots/a net housing unit reduction.

    And frankly, a lot of Lincoln Park’s currnet/newer residents just simply don’t know how to drive or walk when it comes to such basics as navigating the dynamics of a four-way stop signed intersection. I have seen some things that can’t be unseen, such as people on their phones pushing strollers into an intersection after the light has changed, etc.

  • I’m with you. Lincoln park is too valuable a piece of urban environment to limit dense development. And since the street grid is so old and narrow, such development needs to be accompanied with increased and focused pedestrian/bike/transit development as well. That means wider sidewalks, bike lanes and even bus lanes. Where is the space to come from. Parking. Eliminate it all in Lincoln Park especially the arterials. If new development is going to over-supply off-street parking then the piper needs paying by taking away on-street parking.

    imho, of course, as I don’t live there :)