Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 24

  • Authorities: Expressway Shootings Are on the Rise (Tribune)
  • Survey Asks 47th Ward Residents if They’d Support Pedestrianizing Belle Plaine (DNA)
  • Thanks to Mild Winter, CDOT Has Less Pothole Repair to Do, Is Starting Earlier (DNA)
  • Taxi Driver Idol: City Announces Contest to Find Chicago’s Top Cabbie (YouTube)
  • Active Trans Is Encouraging the Use of Adaptive Cycles at Bike the Drive
  • Feline Federation: The 50+ Cut Cats Food Couriers Sign a Fiscal Operating Agreement (DNA)
  • 100s of Bike Riders Kick Off Peak Cycling Season at Bike Brookfield (City of Brookfield)
  • Someone Ganked Alderman Burnett’s Bicycle From His Office (DNA)
  • Life Move Pretty Fast: 30 Years After “Buehler” Parade Scene Recreated in Daley Plaza (ABC)

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  • RW

    Re the potholes: is it just me or are the streets as bad if not worse than ever?At least on my ride to work, I feel like the pavement is in terrible shape. For some reason even new roads seem to come apart at the seams between strips of asphalt, leading to a dangerous wheel swallowing trench. Anyone know why this happens in Chicago, as I’ve never observed it elsewhere.

  • BlueFairlane

    One issue is that during the Rahm regime–especially in that mad round of repaving leading up to the last election–the city decided to use only one layer of asphalt instead of the two layers usually used by reasonable construction types. This allowed Rahm to pave more streets faster and more cheaply, but it also meant the surface wouldn’t be nearly so durable.

  • Chicagoan

    Lincoln Park had Sheffield around Armitage re-paved somewhat recently and I think it’s held up rather well. No trenches. It seems to vary by neighborhood.

  • Pat

    My favorite is when street cuts get filled by a mountain of asphalt.

    “Eventually, if a enough cars and trucks run over it, it’ll be flush with the street!”

  • Jeff Gio

    just got around to donating. Have you petitioned many institutions or companies for donations? I imagine more than a handful of developers with large pockets happen to appreciate pro-TOD coverage… would that be fraught territory?

  • ohsweetnothing

    That would make sense, as different contractors (and in house crews) are assigned to different areas of the City. Some have been taken to task for poor work in the past. There was a story about a far southside contracting crew that had to reimburse the City for shoddy work (splitting along the seams) a year or so ago.

  • what_eva

    The parking that would be lost at Belle Plaine is often empty, but it’s metered, so I’m sure that’ll be a mess for Pawar.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Thanks Jeff! We gave you a shout-out on Twitter:

    Yes, we got a nice mini-grant from the Transit Center Foundation yesterday, SRAM and Alta Planning are chipping in once again, most of our existing advertisers are renewing, The Chainlink just signed up for a new ad, and we’ve got several other potential advertisers and sponsors in the works. (Thanks everyone!)

    We are reaching out to TOD developers, with the understanding that — as with any other donor or advertiser — we’re not going to pull punches when writing about your projects. We’d rather have a sponsor drop their support than have money influencing our coverage.

    But so far all of our advertisers, donors, and boosters have been people whose work we’re already generally aligned with, so that hasn’t really been an issue. Unlike, say, Bicycling Magazine, you’re not going to see cars ads on our site anytime soon.

    We’ve made great progress in the last few days, but raising the last $14,800 over the next week is still going to be a big challenge, so definitely let us know if you have any leads on potential donors or advertisers. Thanks again.