Today’s Headlines for Monday, March 7

  • CDOT Moves to Eliminate Dangerous Slip Lane at Grace/Halsted, Drivers Freak Out (
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Tribune Looks at the Trend Towards Concrete-Protected Bike Lanes
  • John McCarron: We Should Have Done a Downtown Circulator Bus Instead of Loop Link (Tribune)
  • Henry English, Head of Black United Fund, Dead Following Car Crash (Sun-Times)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injures Bike Rider in Round Lake (Tribune)
  • Multiple Late-Evening Muggings of Cyclists on The 606 During the Past Week (Tribune)
  • Drivers Have Been Using the Dearborn PBL as a Turn Lane at Randolph (DNA)
  • MPC Looks at How Mode Share for Various Forms of Transportation Shifts Throughout the Year
  • Logan Square Preservation: We Believe TOD Construction Leads to More Tear-Downs (DNA)
  • The Edgewater Observer Takes a Ride on the Loop Link Bus Rapid Transit Corridor
  • Stick a Fork in It: The Western/Belmont Overpass Is History (DNA)
  • This Month’s Events on the Lakefront Trail (Active Trans)

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  • Bug report: Your Logan Square DNA link goes to the story for “Stick a Fork In It”.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • JacobEPeters

    Is there a petition for CDOT to eliminate slip lanes across the city, & prioritize people over 2 ton vehicles?

  • Cameron Puetz

    The Tribune Op/Ed about a downtown circulator is spot on. There are several Loop adjacent neighborhoods that are almost served by Metra. A patchwork of private shuttles creates a haphazard system that brings Metra service to some buildings in these neighborhoods, but creates its own problems. Having a system to link these areas to the major train stations would extend Metra’s reach and give commuters in Loop adjacent neighborhoods more alternatives to driving.

  • Removing slip lanes systematically is a point in the Chicago Pedestrian Plan. One of the finer points, if you ask me, because it’s one of the most specific infrastructure-affecting recommendations.

  • JacobEPeters

    so is there a petition to the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce asking them to remove their endorsement for reinstating the slip lanes? We could title it “Lakeview East CoC: Don’t let your potential customers get run over by dangerous turning movements”

  • ardecila

    McCarron isn’t wrong, but he’s not really right either. The Loop Link shelters include these great spider maps that make it clear how multiple bus routes are benefiting from this investment and fanning out across the city. (I have not found these maps online.) A downtown circulator light rail, as McCarron envisions, would benefit suburbanite Metra riders, while CTA’s existing bus riders would still be stuck crawling through the same congested streets. Loop Link is an experiment to test these technologies that can be used to improve bus service around the city, not just downtown.

    This debate is pretty silly while CTA insists on absurd speed limits, though…

  • ardecila

    Re: Logan Square Preservation… the article did not mention TOD specifically, and neither does the ballot referendum. I know LSP came out against the twin towers project, but their website indicates more of a concern with teardowns than with new TOD proposals.

    At any rate, the referendum is so vaguely worded that it really can’t be construed as a vote against TOD, especially because most of the TOD proposals aren’t really “out of character” like the twin towers were, and haven’t involved any teardowns.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    “We’ve seen this huge slew of … developers wanting to build up, and we think that contributes to teardowns,” said the president of LSP. It seems safe to assume he’s talking about all the new TOD towers along Milwaukee. But the question of whether these new TODs encourage more teardowns (generally exisiting two- or three-flat buildings being replaced with large single-family homes) in other locations is up for debate.