Today’s Headlines for Monday, February 29

  • BGA’s Shaw: Rich Pensions for CTA Execs & Board Members Are Unfair to Transit Riders (Sun-Times)
  • Waguespack Wary of O’Hare Express Plan: “Taxpayers Are Gonna Have to Backstop It” (DNA)
  • Driver Charged With Felony DUI for Red Light-Running Crash That Seriously Injured 2 Boys (Tribune)
  • How Southsiders & Northsiders Joined Forces to Win Back CTA Bus Service (Active Trans)
  • Keating: Autocentric Funding Policies, Poor Road Maintenance Leads to Bike Injuries (Trial)
  • Oswego Leaders Make a New Push for Establishing Metra Service (Tribune)
  • Celebrate Leap Day With a $5 Day Pass From Divvy (DNA)
  • Artist Raises Over $2.3K Via Crowdfunding for a New Batch of Pothole Mosaics (Tribune)
  • Someone Dropped a Wedding Ring From the Brown Line’s Quincy Platform (DNA)
  • Pour One Out for the Belmont Overpass at the “Goodbye to the Riverview Viaduct” Event Friday
  • Bike for Bernie” Ride Sunday 3/13, 2 p.m. at Daley Plaza; No Word on the “Tour de Trump”

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  • I was on the 606 this weekend and it was a much better experience all around than when I was there opening day. For example, they have wayfinding signs now (see below).

    One nice feature is the “Next Exit:” data. Unfortunately, if you’re proceeding east and at, say, the west-side-of-Western ramp, what “Next Exit:” says is “Western Avenue, east side.” Not very helpful if you want to know what the next street that HAS an exit is, but basically made necessary by how very, very far apart the both-sides-of-a-street exit points are.

    Also a lot of the long curvy folded ramps to get down are very well and good, but sometimes it means I’m walking the better part of two whole blocks out of my way to get down to the street I can see from up top: quite a few of them could use having stairs put in straight down for people interested in a least-distance routing. Scenic swirliness is pretty, I suppose, but not in the least utilitarian.

  • Fred

    I would imagine the “long curvy folded ramps” are not for “Scenic swirliness” but due to the height of the path above the ground and ADA compliance. If the path is 25ft above ground level, a 10% grade would require 250ft of ramp.

  • Yes, but “must provide ADA-compliant access” doesn’t mean “only access must be via ADA-compliant ramps”. Several of the exits in particular are maddening if you’re actually trying to use the path as the best way to get from Street A to Street B and then proceed on your way from there DOWN THE STREET.

  • Fred

    I don’t disagree that there could or should be stairs for more direct routing. It just seemed that you characterized the ramps as purely cosmetic where as I don’t believe they are.