Today’s Headlines for Thursday, November 19

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  • Anne A

    So Kass hates speed cameras, eh – there’s a shocker. ;)

  • Deni

    It’s amazing to me that these complaints about the speed cameras come from people who got tickets BECAUSE THEY WERE SPEEDING. The technicalities which get them out of the tickets shouldn’t be there anyway (having to have speed camera signs posted, children need to be present, school has to be open, etc.). I’d love to hear the anti-camera enforcement crowd support some ideas about making our streets safer, let’s hear their ideas. But that’s not their agenda now is it? They are just angry about getting caught driving recklessly. the sense of entitlement from car drivers in this city is astounding.

  • Pat

    His whole example of “Old School” is exactly why we need cameras.

    “…it’s a six-lane road, like an expressway, a main drag to get the hell out of town.” – A street pedestrians and cyclists have to cross when using the Burnham Greenway. If you want to drive expressway speeds, why not get on the expressway that runs right next to Indianapolis?

    “Old School was given a ticket for going 41 in a 30 mph zone on a main drag near a bike path.” – So he was actually speeding.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Has anyone else tried to use the new Ventra app yet? So far I haven’t been able to log in and keep getting an error that says “We are not able to connect. Please try again later.” Reading the reviews on Google Play, this seems to be a common problem.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    I used it on iOS with no issues. However, I was in the beta. Try to contact the Ventra Twitter account for assistance.

  • Also according to Kass – and this is just me being clairvoyant – people who use bike paths – families, children, adults, everyone – are worth crashing into.

  • I believe that the issue has been resolved as of this afternoon and you should try again.