Today’s Headlines for Monday, November 9

  • Transpo Bill Keeps North Red Line Funding, Requires 50% Local Match for South Extension (Crain’s)
  • If Metra Loses State Funding, They’ll Cut Service Rather Than Hike Fares (Sun-Times)
  • Cardenas Jumps on Anti-Cam Bandwagon With Protest of an Archer Ave. Cam This Morning (DNA)
  • Taggers Vandalize About 12 Red Line Cars; More Info on Loop Link Lane Tweak (Tribune)
  • Route 53 Extension Planning Committee Votes to Move the Project Forward (Tribune)
  • Van Driver “Plowed Through a Crowd of Pedestrians” in the Loop, Injuring 2 (DNA)
  • 7 Participatory Budgeting Hearings Scheduled for the 45th Ward (DNA)
  • Will Chicago’s Next Great Off-Street Path Be Built in Little Village? (RedEye)
  • Buffalo Grove May Require Bike Helmets, Even Though Such Laws Discourage Cycling (Herald)
  • Des Plaines Considers Building Underpass to Make It Easier to Walk & Bike to Downtown (Herald)
  • Interactive Map With Info About 12.5K Units in the Works for South Loop This Year (Curbed)
  • CTAFails Launches Instagram Account (DNA)

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  • Jeff H

    FYI, van driver article links to the wrong url

  • Fixed, thanks.

  • One interesting note about the CTAFails Twitter account (and maybe now the Instagram) is that if you check it they often thoroughly cover and explain CTA outages and delays and problems between 6-8 hours before any official CTA method (website, twitter account, etc) deigns to mention it.

    So there’s really no point in following the formal accounts if what you want to know is “What just happened and how does it affect my commute?” The official accounts post CYA pap (“there was a delay and we handled it brilliantly”) long after it’s fixed, and almost never replies to a direct @-message. CTAFails is right there with on-the-spot crowdsourced reporting about the nature of the problem and the best ways to route around it.

  • Anne A

    50% local match for the red line south expansion?!? That pretty much ensures that it won’t get built in my lifetime.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    The Tribune article about the graffiti vandalism is more interested if you read the entire article. Later it talks about having to redo the downtown BRT because the articulated buses potentially can hit the shelters (and possibly riders) as it pulls away from the BRT station. Somebody didn’t do the math.

  • R.A. Stewart

    And that, I think we can safely assume, was the purpose.