Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 23

  • Cyclist Who Was Reported to Have Been Fatally Struck Is Actually  in Stable Condition (DNA)
  • Driver Crashes While Trying to Cross Funeral Procession in Oak Park, 3 Injured (Tribune)
  • Uber: Requiring Chauffeur’s Licenses for Airport Pickups would Be a Dealbreaker (Sun-Times)
  • How Evanston Reinvented Itself Through Transit-Oriented Development (Politico)
  • Southbound Red Line Trains Won’t Stop at Jarvis, Morse, or Loyola This Weekend (DNA)
  • Early Shift Worker Says It’s Standing Room Only on the South Red Line (Sun-Times)
  • 3 Ways You Can Support the Transit Future Campaign (Active Trans)
  • Time-Lapse Video of the Wilson Station Reconstruction Project (DNA)
  • Emanuel Says the Lucas Museum Plan Will Accommodate Bears Tailgaters (DNA)
  • Governing Talks With Gabe Klein About His New Book “Start-Up City
  • Volunteers Clean Up Western Avenue in Lincoln Square (DNA)
  • “Listen & Learn” Event About Chicago’s New ADA Guidelines on 11/18 (Guen Design)

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  • Pat

    I hope the red light cameras at the Lincoln/Fullerton/Halsted intersection are some help in figuring out what happened.

  • Matt F

    At least DNA didn’t mention whether the woman was wearing a helmet or not…. I’m so sick of that copout

  • Andrew

    My bike ride to work terminates at Lincoln/Fullerton/Halsted. If the truck driver was going eastbound on Fullerton, turning onto southbound Halsted (unclear from the article), then I absolutely know how this happened: there isn’t enough space for trucks (or CTA buses) to make a right hand turn from the turn lane onto Halsted without jumping the curb – so they jump the curb and drive over the sidewalk. Every day, there’s tire tracks across then sidewalk from where large vehicles have jumped onto the sidewalk, and the accessibility ramp is placed such that there isn’t a “curb check” for these drivers. Truck drivers should, essentially, make the turn from the middle lane or at least check the sidewalk for pedestrians if they’re going to jump the curb. This guy didn’t.

    None of this is an excuse – the driver is absolutely at fault for hitting anyone on a sidewalk – but the intersection is quite poorly designed for truck drivers and CTA bus drivers, who make this turn on the eastbound 74. I would like to see a redesign of this spot that protected pedestrians better – I’ve been around cautious drivers that at least acknowledge my presence when I’m at this intersection, but a reckless driver could pretty easily hit me if I’m waiting for a walk signal.

  • BlueFairlane

    Two points:

    1. DNA quoted somebody who said they knew somebody who saw the woman on the sidewalk. That’s not really a reliable enough source for us to know that is, in fact, where she was located.

    2. The woman is not actually dead. DNA has updated their post with a correction. Streetsblog should do the same.

  • cjlane

    Third point to add to Fairlane’s:

    3. The truck in question was a Ford pickup truck, albeit a really big one (F-650), so *not* have the same issues as buses and really big trucks.

  • Andrew

    An F-650 is nearly the size of a semi truck without a trailer. It would still have the same problems unless this particular truck had a short wheelbase.

  • That’s terrific news. Thanks for letting us know. Headline is updated.

  • Anne A

    Red light camera video is sometimes *very* helpful in documenting how a crash happened. I really hope that is the case in this crash.

  • cjlane

    If it is one of the long wheelbase versions, then the various authors of the various articles (or the CPD in their report, or both) have done everyone a really big disservice by describing it as a “pickup truck”.

  • A semi truck with no trailer has no problem making turns like that without climbing curbs, it’s the trailer length that cuases the problem.


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