Today’s Headlines

  • Map Shows Where TOD Can Be Built Under the Ordinance That Passed Yesterday (Curbed)
  • Tribune Red Light Investigation Leads to Lawsuit Alleging Emanuel Violated FOIA Laws
  • Shocking! Daily Herald Opposes Proposed Chicago Congestion Tax for Suburbanites
  • City Council Legalizes Food Carts (DNA)
  • Waguespack Blasts Emanuel’s Plan to Open Airports to Ride-Share Drivers (Sun-Times)
  • Riverwalk Expansion Work Requires Weekend Closure of Wells Bridge (Sun-Times)
  • Bar Association: We’ve Lobbied Against Counterproductive DUI Punishments
  • After Pressure From Residents, Developer Added 50% More Parking to Old Town Project (DNA)
  • 606 Observatory Reopens After 2 Months, Wall by Kennedy Is Growing Green (DNA)
  • Walk & Bike to School Day Is Wednesday, October 7 (Active Trans)
  • MPC Seeks Input on the Future of Local Waterways With 3 “Great Rivers Chicago” Open Houses
  • LIB‘s Illinois bike Summit Takes Place October 28 in Champaign

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  • Rampage

    Waugespack is nothing more than a union pawn. He votes against the mayor every time as a risk free strategy. If hes right (although lets be honest hes mostly wrong) its “I told you so,” if he votes against something successful no one cares because it worked.

  • Um. There are no union interests involved in the taxis-versus-rideshare controversy.

    In fact, a cabdriver’s union, were such a thing to be formed, would probably go a long way towards ending hellish working conditions and short-circuiting some of the massive power held by the companies that own large numbers of medallions and hot-seat rent out cabs to their drivers.

  • Rampage

    Wow, congratulations you literally just described what uber does.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yes there is. AFSCME is heavily involved along with UTCC…in fact the two are even sometimes bickering amongst each other over who should be the official union for cab drivers.

  • A union pawn is better than a corporate shill any day of the week. Since you think unions are bad I guess I’ll have to place your Waugespack opinions in the suspect bin.

    And I guess I will have to do the same with your opinion that Uber is ending hellish conditions etc. Or since your comment is ambiguous maybe you mean that Uber is creating hellish conditions too.

  • Rampage

    A union shill promotes spending of other peoples money for their own benefit. A corporate shill does what again, says nice things about a company?

  • ohsweetnothing

    For the (unsolicited, I know) record I don’t have a problem with supporting unions at all. My biggest beef is how the word “progressive” has seemed to replace the word “contrarian” in Chicago politics.

  • Okayyyy. Maybe I should have said corporate pawn. You really got me on that one.

  • I like them both generally. “Progressive” as a word has pretty much turned to mush.

  • Rampage

    Glad you can recognize when youre intellectually overmatched.

  • Anne A

    That’s *ALL* for TOD zones on the south side? Really?

  • No personal attacks please.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    They fully disclose the close relationship between Rahm’s brother who is in big time with the Uber folks and will reap the financial benefit of driving cabs out of business and then with their app be able to raise prices sky high.

  • rohmen

    You can be against Uber and not be a union pawn. Uber is a gypsy cab service—no more, no less. I would whole-heartedly agree with revising the ordinances that apply to taxis and doing away with the medallion system altogether, but the reality is taxis are forced to comply with a crazy amount of regulations in most cities (under the guise of protecting safety in most instances), yet Uber is allowed a huge competitive advantage by running largely free of those severe regulations.

    I probably could live with all of the above, except I’m sure we’d see a huge lobbying push by Uber (if it isn’t happening already) if there ever was a serious chance that their regulatory advantage over cabs would be stripped away.

  • No, Uber causes a bunch of private citizens to take on all the risks of the business while not requiring them to meet even basic training or workplace-safety requirements, and also not insuring them for any mishaps that happen while acting on behalf of their employer (and yes, Uber is an employer, and the court cases are currently moving through the system to force them to take basic responsibility for their employees instead of sweatshopping them).

    Uber drivers have absolutely no power except to say “I’m going to drive for Uber” or not. They have no bargaining ability. They have no influence whatsoever over the main company.

  • I tried to load the map to look around on my own but it’s either private or deleted, alas, so we only have what they screenshotted.

    Presumably it’s the same radius from every red/green line station on the south side, and the orange as well.

  • Matt F

    I love reading that Daily Herald article. Any comment at the bottom can be answered with “or you can take the train”

  • Deni

    There was a time when this comment board was less dick-ish than most on the internet.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Touché. When I read it I was thinking, Oh, if only you poor folks in the suburbs had a fast, comfortable transit option specifically designed to whisk suburbanites into downtown Chicago and then whisk them back out.

    But you know, I work in the burbs, and I really have met people who will not even consider taking the train because (a) you have to ride in a conveyance with a bunch of other people and (b) when you get to your destination you have to walk, often several blocks. –Seriously.