Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 26

  • Letter From MPC, Other Groups to Springfield: Please Prioritize Infrastructure Funding
  • What? New Aviation Chief Proposes “Double-Decker” Train Service to O’Hare (Sun-Times)
  • Map: Where Do the Most Chicagoans Work From Home? (DNA)
  • Passenger Sexually Assaulted by Man With Knife on Red Line Train (DNA)
  • Video: Police Taze Nonviolent Passenger on Metra Train (NBC)
  • Woman Says a Man Knocked Her Off Her Bike Near Navy Pier & Stole It (DNA)
  • DUI Crackdown in Jefferson Park This Weekend (DNA)
  • Bloomingdale Neighbors Complain of Noisy Skateboarders, Little Kids Peeing on Lawns (DNA)
  • Neighbors Worry That Filipino Grocery Store Will Cause Carmageddon (DNA)
  • New Murals on Construction Walls Enliven Logan Square (DNA)
  • The Reader Gives Shout-Outs to the Cal-Sag Trail & Divvy in Its Best of Chicago Issue

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  • Kevin M

    Double-decker Blue-line? WTF? That’s completely outrageous. It’s the sort of idea that a 10-year might suggest, and a 12-year would laugh at them for suggesting it.

    Emanuel is really disappointing me by returning to this Blue-line express train idea. Current Blue line service is very good, and it certainly beats taxi service during rush hours.

    If they really want express train service to O’Hare, they should take advantage of under-utilized heavy rail, such as the Metra Milwaukee-district-North line, and build a heavy-rail tunnel from that line to the terminals. I cannot imagine this would cost more than the ridiculous price tag of some how double-decking the Blue line. Gosh, I can’t even believe I’m hearing such an insane idea out of a 6-figure public employee. The Blue line subway can’t be expanded, the neighborhoods would throw a fit over a taller elevated Blue line, etc, etc.

    When Daley was flaunting this express train service, I thought it was clear that he was trying to distract from the parking deal and other unethical choices he was making. Now, I’m beginning to wonder the same about Emanuel. I just never thought he’d be so dumb as to pick this doozy out of the Daley playbook.

  • Well, at least our leaders are proposing ridiculous double-decker trains. Up in Milwaukee, they’re proposing ridiculous double-decker freeways:

  • Pat

    The highways in Milwaukee are outsized as it is. That being said, I do like taking I-94 to the sky once in awhile: great view of the city and the lake.

  • Pat

    The city just needs to cut their losses on the super station. I feel like this express train keeps popping up because now we have a $200M piece of infrastructure going unused. We only need a couple $Bn to recoup our investment!

    Give it a rest Rahm.

    Speaking of the Milwaukee North Line, isn’t the new ATS extension supposed to run to the Metra-O’Hare Transfer? Can’t we start running more frequent Metras?

  • As for what to do with the super station, four words: massive underground bike-parking facility.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I thought the express trains to O’Hare idea was initially proposed as part of the larger nationwide high-speed rail framework??
    Taken on it’s own, it really does smack of “pipedream vanity project”…which I’d much rather see in the form of a new CTA line that will make it easier to get around…ya know…the actual City.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I love that even when “awarding” Divvy, The Reader manages to keep up its grumpy, backhanded demanor. Never change Reader! Never change!

  • A new CTA line (like, one going up just east of Cicero from the Orange Line to the Blue or a little farther) would have an impact on the lives of massively more Chicagoans than this proposal.

    But Rahm’s government is primarily interested in things that impact the lives of tourists and that subset of downtown workers who get flown places by their employers, and an express blue that shaves the loop-to-airport trip down to 20-30min (and means they wouldn’t have to deal with seeing any of the ordinary users of the blue while doing their airport commute) would be hailed as amazing and life-changing by that demographic.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I don’t even think it would be hailed as amazing and life-changing by that demo! I mean really, who’s asking for this?!?

  • Pat

    The city would rather put in a public car parking garage and pay another arbitration settlement.

  • rohmen

    I drive up to Milwaukee fairly frequently, and it’s almost comical how construction on 94 has become an essential element of Milwaukee’s economy. They have been rebuilding that stretch for 10 years straight—and now that there is essentially a light at the end of the tunnel, they want another 10-year project.

  • Cameron Puetz

    More frequent Metras would be a cheap way to add express service, and provide better regional access to O’Hare by making it easy to transfer from Amtrak and other Metra lines.

  • Cameron Puetz

    The double decker Blue Line sounds like a nonstarter, but the rest of Evans comments about O’Hare are spot on. It’s good to see a high level acknowledgment of O’Hare’s problems, hopefully this is first step toward seeing O’Hare improve. The second floor mall is a great idea. The main level is bursting at the seems and people with long layovers have no where to wait. The second floor has great views of the airfield and would be an excellent place for lounges and restaurants geared toward people making connections who have a couple of hours to kill. Moving restaurants off of the main level would free up some space for seating at gate areas.

    Midway will probably always be near the bottom in concessions sales. As a traveler, the reason I like flying out of Midway is that I can get most places in the country without spending much time at the airport. Midway is a wonderful for travelers in how quickly you can pass through it, but while minimizing time at the airport is great for travelers, it’s bad for concessions.