Today’s Headlines for Monday, June 22

  • Editorial: Can We Kill the Illiana Already? (Tribune)
  • The Yellow Line Will Remain Closed Until October (Sun-Times)
  • Dorval Carter Received a $137K/Year CTA Pension While Working at USDOT (Sun-Times)
  • Pigs Fly: IDOT Starting Construction of the Clybourn Curb-Protected Bike Lanes Today (Tribune)
  • Joravsky: High-Speed Rail to O’Hare Would Be “An Express Train to Bankruptcy” (Reader)
  • The 5 Most Dangerous, Dismal, & Chaotic Intersections in Chicago (Time Out)
  • TOD Targeted at Millennials Proposed for — Wait for It — Des Plaines (Daily Herald)
  • Quiz: Can You Spot the Inaccurate Info in DNA‘s Otherwise-Solid Bike Laws Test?
  • I get Frustrated With Cars Too Sometimes, But This Was a Bit Extreme (DNA)
  • Hearing on the Bobby Cann Case This Thursday, 10 a.m. at Cook County Courthouse (Chainlink)
  • Brotman Learns You Can Get There From Here in the Chicago Pedway (Tribune)

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  • Anne A

    They should have made it “6 worst intersections” and included Cortland & Ashland.

  • Yep, that one’s a doozie.

  • Matt

    I commented on the actual quiz. I actually knew what you said but didn’t catch that one, though I did catch another inaccuracy regarding lights at night.

  • David Altenburg

    During last Monday’s rainstorm, I had to portage my bike through that one.

  • Minor quibble: the Today’s Headlines posts have gone back to not having the date in the title. That was a really useful feature, although possibly only to me, and if it could come back I’d be delighted. :->

  • Sorry, just an oversight. I was a little spacey this morning after a weird dream in which I was a passenger in an Amtrak train that was traveling down the side of a mountain on tracks at a 45-degree angle. The train was traveling at a reasonable speed, but it was terrifying nonetheless. All the the while, I was thinking, “Wait, isn’t four percent the maximum grade for passenger rail?”

    Any dream interpreters or railroad enthusiasts want to take this one on?

  • what_eva

    it appears they’ve corrected both errors.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Thanks for getting that back on track, John, though of course we would never rail at you about it.

    No ideas about the dream, except your dream-thought marks it as one only a true railfan could have!

  • R.A. Stewart

    One of my neighbors has started building what looks an awful lot like a big boat in his back yard, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in the alley looking for pairs of animals.

  • tooter turtle

    WLS radio’s lede this morning about the Clybourn PBL was that it will make the street better for bikers and worse for drivers.

  • R.A. Stewart

    The TOD in Des Plaines is not as strange as you might think. DP has done a lot to make its downtown attractive and walkable over the past several years (they have the advantage of the Metra station and a downtown that never quite died, though it was pretty sick for a while).

  • Anne A

    I believe it.

    In years past, I’ve had to portage through some of the viaducts next to Ravenswood during/after heavy rains.

  • Anne A

    Similar to what was done in Arlington Heights several years ago? That seemed to work out pretty well.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Yes, quite similar, I think, and looking successful when I last visited DP a year or two ago.

  • Matt F

    how was fullerton/damen/elston not on there???

  • Strangely, when I woke up, I was foaming at the mouth:

  • Deni

    Maybe don’t eat pizza right before bed. :)

  • what_eva

    The very first line of the article basically says “with F/D/E under construction, here are 5 other terrible intersections”

  • So they’re avoiding speaking ill of the dead? :->

  • what_eva

    more like “now that this horrible intersection is finally getting fixed, here’s 5 others!”

  • Matt F

    durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thanks