Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 4

  • MPC Celebrates the demise of the Illiana Tollway
  • …But Hinz Says It May Be a While Until the Boondoggle Is Truly Dead (Crain’s)
  • Ex-CDOT Deputy Scott Kubly’s Plan for Seattle Calls for 7 BRT Corridors, Lower Speed Limits (Grist)
  • CNT Op-Ed: Millennials Are Driving Less, So We Should Stop Building So Much Parking (Sun-Times)
  • Pedestrian Suing Cyclist After Crash in Dearborn PBLs — No Mention of Who Had the Green (Sun-Times)
  • Let’s Use the Momentum From The 606 Opening to Get More Bikeways Built (Active Trans)
  • Lead Designer of the Bloomingdale Discusses the Philosophy Behind the Trail (Architectural Record)
  • City May Be Losing Millions on Permit Process for Loading Zones, Disabled Parking (Sun-Times)
  • Tips for Bike Commuter Challenge Participants From a New Local Bike Blogger (Active Trans)
  • More Than 350 Books Will Be Shared on the CTA Next Week (DNA)
  • Video: Meet the Voice Behind the CTA’s Bus & Train Announcements (DNA)

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  • rohmen

    Honest question following comments on the pedestrian/cyclist suit on another webpage. Would you have written the headline “Pedestrian suing automobile driver after crash in Loop street–no mention of who had the green”??

  • For other SBC readers who are interested, here’s the discussion on The Chainlink:

    Valid question, and one I considered while writing the headline. Just like drivers, bicyclists should do everything possible to avoid injuring pedestrians, even when the cyclist has the right of way. However, it seems like it’s a much more level playing field here than in a car vs. bike or car vs. pedestrian crash. While drivers kill dozens of pedestrians each year in Chicago, there’s no evidence that a cyclist has ever fatally struck a person on foot in this city. A bike-ped crash is also far more likely to result in injuries to both people.

    Another factor I considered is that it’s commonplace for pedestrians to stand in the Dearborn bike lanes while waiting to cross, although they surely realize this is illegal. Another potential cause of crashes on Dearborn is the failure of some pedestrians to check for southbound bike traffic, which, arguably, can be partly blamed on the design of the facility.

    For these reasons, I’m a little skeptical of this lawsuit. However, I’ve contacted the plaintiff’s lawyer to ask for more info about what happened here.