Eyes on the Street: Just About All the Dots Are in at the Lincoln Hub

Workers use stencils, rollers and brushes to paint dots on the northwest corner. Photo: John Greenfield

Here’s a quick update on the Lincoln Hub traffic calming and placemaking project at Wellington/Southport/Lincoln. By noon today, workers had finished painting the dots at the northern corner of the six-way intersection, and were well on the way to finishing the northwest corner. By the evening commute, it’s likely that all the dots will be filled in. After a few few more planters and seating units are added, hopefully by this weekend, the project will be complete. If there’s nice weather on Saturday, it will be fun to see how residents use the new public space.

The northern corner. Photo: John Greenfield

View more photos from this morning here.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Given the dots, it would be only fitting if residents use the space to dance a polka. :-)

  • Erik Swedlund

    I biked through this intersection last night, and I think it looks pretty neat.

  • Jeff H

    It would be great to get an aerial shot of this once completed. To fully appreciate the dottage.

  • Anybody know the bell ringer at St. Alphonsus Church?

  • I just tweeted a suggestion that maybe The Polkaholics should play the ribbon cutting.

  • R.A. Stewart


  • Do we know anything about the nature of the paint? I have a friend who’s worried about slipperiness-when-wet, given how much of the total area of the space is painted.

  • I assume they’re using something that has some “grip,” similar to the way green bike lanes are handled.

  • Lee Crandell

    The paint does have filler to give it “grip” — this was important for our product selection. I also confirmed it was not slippery when it rained earlier this week.

  • The green bike lanes are incredibly slippery when rained on. And not very grippy when dry, either.

  • Or have a drone camera? Or are they illegal on the city streets?

  • Or a helium balloon camera.

  • tb

    This is a great project and I’d like to see more like it. Does anybody know what the little notch on the west side of Southport where the white line slips a few feet behind the pylons is about – it’s just visible in the lower photo

  • tooter turtle

    Will there be any shade?

  • BlueFairlane

    I’ve thrown it plenty of shade.

  • forensicgarlic

    These guys have FAA approval to do it.

  • I wonder if they do pro bono work for not-for-profits? I suppose I could ask, eh?

  • Jackson Wandres

    Anyone up for a game of community Twister ?


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