Today’s Headlines for April 14

  • Environmental Groups Urge FHWA to Withdraw Backing of Illiana (Crain’s)
  • 31st Street & Lincoln Bus Advocates Unite to Form Crosstown Bus Coalition (DNA)
  • Local Groups Pushing to Delay Plan Commission Hearing on Logan TOD (Our Urban Times)
  • 59-Year-Old Woman Is Dead After Hit-and-Run Crash in Pilsen (Tribune)
  • Woman Who Intentionally Crashed Car, Killing Pedestrian, Is Charged With Murder (CBS)
  • Man Charged With Aggravated DUI After Crash That Killed 94-Year-Old Woman (Tribune)
  • Man Tries to Commit Suicide by Driving Off of Parking Garage by Howard Stop (Tribune)
  • Residents Can Vote on Tollway Safety Messages (Sun-Times)
  • 18th Street Bridge — And Its PBLs — Reopen After $5.8 Million Rehab (DNA)
  • After Last Year’s Muddy Tour de Fat, Palmer Square Neighbors Want Park Protections (DNA)
  • Workshop on Ways to Make 6 Corners More Ped-Friendly on 4/22 (Active Trans)
  • Congrats to SBC Contributor Daniel Hertz on Joining Urban Planning Think Tank City Observatory

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  • Jeff H

    I’ll give it to Pawar, he is persistent with his attempts to bring back the true Lincoln bus. I’m a huge advocate for its return, but sadly it’s probably going to be a futile effort, especially for the cash strapped CTA. There’s just too many other projects that will take priority.

  • JacobEPeters

    is it just me or does Crosstown Bus Coalition sound like a name for a pro BRT group?

  • Typo: “Workshop on Ways to May 6 Corners” — Make, I think.

  • BlueFairlane

    You know what I hate? Safety messages on tollway signs. Nobody ever pays any attention to them or alters their behavior because of them. I usually just wind up doing math to see if we’re on track for a thousand deaths by the end of the year. The biggest impact they have on most of us is that we wind up staring at the signs instead of the road for 15 seconds while we wait for it to cycle back around to telling us how long it’s going to take to get to the O’Hare exit. They have taught me that Tennessee has about the same number of annual highway fatalities as Illinois despite having only one-fourth the population, but that’s not really essential information. Just tell me useful things that make it worth the distraction.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I gotta say, that article re: Logan TOD is a pretty strong argument as to why these local community groups should have less say than many of them do in these project proposals.

    It reads as though they’re throwing every excuse they can find against the wall and seeing what will stick…some of their reasons don’t even apply to the proposed project (see: “Change comes but the high rises of today do not want anyone with low income living there. Where are the people who live there now going to go? I’m for affordable housing, but these are not affordable.” In regards to a project on a currently vacant lot.)!!!

    I will say that I don’t like the wall along Milwaukee though.

  • forensicgarlic

    That’s how you do it today — If your against something, come up with a name that sounds like you’re pro it to confuse people into saying they agree with you.