Today’s Headlines

  • Drivers Owe the City a Staggering $1.5 Billion in Unpaid Tickets (DNA)
  • NYC & LA Are Tougher About Collecting Tickets Than Chicago Is (DNA)
  • Teen Who Fatally Struck Man in Northlake Issued 4 Traffic Citations (Sun-Times)
  • City Will Pay $319K to Driver Who Was Injured by Cop, Then Wrongfully Arrested (ABC)
  • Police Officer Doors Cyclist, Then Says, “She Didn’t Have the Right of Way”  (CBS)
  • Driver Blocks Exit of Doughnut Shop, Pepper Sprays Man Who Confronts Him (DNA)
  • Kevenides: If Driverless Are to Become Common, Pedestrian Safety Must Be Paramount
  • How Did a Car With a Flat Tire Wind Up on the Bike Path Near Navy Pier? (Chicagoist)

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  • Brendan Kevenides

    We filed the lawsuit against the police officer who doored the cyclist. Here is an explanation of why the officer is wrong:

  • BlueFairlane

    That car on the bike path has more wrong with it than a flat tire. The wheel is actually broken off, and there’s a lot of damage in the front, passenger-side corner. The guy hit something hard on his way there.

  • Fred

    Maybe going around the bridgehouse. That area is a pinch-point for normal trail users, I imagine it would be difficult to navigate in a vehicle.

  • BlueFairlane

    That’s what I was thinking, too. I should go down there sometime soon and see if there’s any damage to the bridge or the bridgehouse itself.

  • Matt F

    Good luck fighting city hall. It doesn’t get more obvious than this….

  • what_eva

    I suspect with one this obvious that corp counsel won’t go to trial.

  • Given the huge amount of checks city hall has written to plaintiffs (as documented in the council journal of proceedings, because every payment requires an ordinance) it seems city hall doesn’t do that much fighting.