Today’s Headlines

  • Chicago Issues First City Ride-Share Licenses to Lyft & Sidecar (Tribune)
  • Taxi Industry Wants to Override Quinn’s Veto of Ride-Share Regulations (Sun-Times)
  • Tribune Editorial Praises CTA Fiscal Policies & Infra Improvements, Slams Ashland BRT Plan
  • Boosters Propose [Cough] “Sustainable Transportation Fund” to Bankroll Route 53 Extension (Tribune)
  • Yesterday’s Bus Barbecue Shut Down the Southbound Drive for Several Hours (Tribune)
  • Uber Jacked Up Prices During Tuesday’s Transit Meltdown (DNA)
  • Chicago Ranked Silver Again, Several ‘Burbs Join Bike Friendly Communities List (Bike League)
  • Starting Next Week, Metra Is Tweaking Schedules for 2 of Its Union Pacific Lines (Tribune)
  • IDOT Announces 2014 Funding Awards for Safe Routes to School (Active Trans)
  • IL Supreme Court Will Rule on Red Light Cam Lawsuit on Thursday (Expired Meter)
  • Robbery Suspects Fleeing Cops Crash Car Into Alsip Living Room (RedEye)
  • Thieves Smash Car Into Louis Vuitton Store & Bag Expensive Merchandise (Northbrook Star)

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  • “We’d all be better off if more people got out of their cars and onto the trains and buses. The way to do that isn’t to make people miserable in their cars, it’s to make mass transit more efficient and reliable. The CTA finally seems to get that.”

    You know how you make transit more efficient and reliable? Give it an appropriate amount of space to operate efficiently and reliably. Potentially inconveniencing drivings isn’t the goal of BRT, it’s a side effect (and one that may not even come to pass). The alternative is inconveniencing transit riders to allow more space for private vehicles. You would figure that a Tribune editorial praising the CTA for efficiently using its limited resources (money) would also recognize that street space is also a limited resource and BRT is a more efficient use of that space. But i guess only transit agencies are required to be efficient whereas our over-dependence on private autos can continue to be wasteful.

  • Kevin M

    An important alt. transit news item that I didn’t see in yesterday’s or today’s SB Headlines:

  • Thanks, but that article’s from September 22. We linked to it back then.

  • Kevin M

    Oops, my mistake. I found it through another link and failed to look at the date on the actual page. Keep on rockin’, John.