Today’s Headlines

  • IL PIRG’s Millennials in Motion Report Finds Local Young People Want to Drive Less (DNA)
  • Lakefront Expansion at Fullerton Will Help Reduce Bike/Ped Conflicts (DNA)
  • The Rate of CTA Employee Firings Has Increased Under Claypool (Tribune)
  • California Station on O’Hare Branch Set to Reopen Thursday (RedEye)
  • Pace Approves $800K for Arterial Rapid Transit on Milwaukee in Niles (Herald-Spectator)
  • Does Chicago Really Need Express Train Service to O’Hare? (RedEye)
  • Emanuel Proposes Raising Parking Tax to Help Pay for Street Repairs (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Who Critically Injured Pedestrian in Lakeview & Fled Held on $200K Bail (Sun-Times)
  • How Many Bikes Were Stolen in Chicago, and Which Nabes Were They Taken From? (CBS)
  • Moser Responds to Grossman’s Bikelash Piece With a History of Dutch Cycling (Chicago)
  • Letter: Senior Injured by Cyclist Gives Grossman’s Article a Thumb’s-Up (Tribune)
  • Batavia Bicycle Commission Distributes Dozens of Bikes to Kids Who Need Them (Tribune)
  • Second Slow Roll Bike Tour Takes Place Saturday, Visiting Pullman & Beverly (DNA)

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  • Jim

    These “Today’s Headlines” posts aren’t loading links / paragraph breaks in my RSS reader (Feedly) anymore. Was that a deliberate choice, or a bug?

  • DD

    I second the annoyance over the change to RSS feeds. If it was intentional: seems like the reduced experience isn’t worth the uptick in native site traffic. I’m definitely less likely to consume content long-term, and going backward in user experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • It was an experiment and the experiment is over. Tomorrow they’ll return to normal.

  • dd

    I would be curious to hear if anything interesting was learned from the experiment. I appreciate the quick return to full content on RSS feeds. Hopefully it sticks around.