Today’s Headlines

  • Rush Says He’s Pushing for African-American Participation in 95th Rehab Work (Sun-Times)
  • Test of Paperless Ticketing for Metra Probably Won’t Happen Until 2015 (Tribune)
  • Work on the California Blue Line Stop Is Coming Along (DNA)
  • Cardenas Launches an Online Survey for Constituents Re: Speed Cam on Archer (DNA)
  • Motorcyclist Killed in Head-on Collision in Des Plaines (Herald)
  • Bomb Threat at Roosevelt Is a False Alarm (Tribune)
  • Is the U. of C. Still Discouraging Students From Using the CTA on the South Side? (Newcity)
  • A Reminiscence of the Old, Weed-Strewn, Beautiful Bloomingdale Line (Belt)
  • Comic: Images From Various CTA Bus Rides (Newcity)
  • Tips for Sitting & Standing on the Much-Maligned Series 5000 ‘L’ Cars (Tattler)

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  • Social_werkk

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that U Of C tries to steer their students away from using public transportation. I often wonder why they don’t use their clout to improve public transportation on the South Side. Of course this is the same institution that won’t open a trauma center because they’re more concerned about $$ than saving people’s lives.

  • Anne A

    You’d think that U of C would want to work for safer public transit rather than burying its collective head in the sand and trying to isolate its students. Over the last several years, I’ve continued to see an increase in U of C students on the red line. Presumably they’re using the green line more too. And there are some “wow” views from the green line – the skyline and some neighborhood spaces.

  • Clark Wellington

    I’m surprised by the U of C story. When I was an undergrad ~10 years ago, CTA was pretty much the only way we went downtown. We were regulars on the #6 bus, the Red Line, and (occasionally) the Green Line. Almost as if we didn’t know the ME existed…

  • Mike C

    I wouldn’t characterize one program advisor of one program advising against taking a particular CTA route as ‘UofC discouraging students from using CTA’. I see plenty of students on CTA buses and trains. Both the Red and Green Lines are mentioned as transportation options for students.

  • Rodney Ruxin

    This website has a long running beef with the University of Chicago.

  • Alex_H

    Same for me in grad school. #6, Garfield, Red/Green.

  • I took the Red Line all the time. Green Line not so much, but I never recall being discouraged from either.

  • FG

    I don’t understand why people insist on taking the 55 to the red line when they could be downtown or in HP faster via the 6 (plus the additional rush hour express buses) or MED and then transfer to the el.

  • Alex_H

    When I lived in HP, the #6 ended earlier than it does now, so I would take the Red to Garfield coming home late at night.

    Going up, I’d take the #6 if my destination was downtown or off the Blue or Brown Line. If my destination were off the Red Line, I’d take Garfield to the Red (an extremely fast trip) to get on the Red and be done with it, rather than having a transfer in the middle of the trip (and sometimes having to stand on the #6).