Today’s Headlines

  • Tinley Park Asks Metra to Establish Rush Hour Express Service (Tribune)
  • Family of Man Fataly Struck By Wheeling Police Officer Files Lawsuit (CBS)
  • Highland Park Woman Who Killed Girl in “Huffing” Crash Will Be Sentenced Today (Tribune)
  • Charles Schwab Poll: Chicagoans Want Better Infrastructure (Crain’s)
  • Plainfield Plans to Build a Bridge Linking 2 Bike Trails (Tribune)
  • Alderman Blames Lack of Parking for 95th Street’s Retail Malaise (DNA)
  • Petition Asks Streets and San to Clean 16th Street Viaducts on a Monthly Basis (DNA)
  • A Scary NYC Dooring Video, and How It Relates to Chicago Cycling (Kevenides)
  • Video: How the “Voice of the CTA” Got His Announcing Gig (Tattler)

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  • FG

    It’ll be interesting to see if money can be found for express service to Tinley Park.

  • Anne A

    The piece about 95th St. and parking makes steam come out of my ears. So much more could be done to create better bike and ped conditions to encourage more people to ride and walk to 95th St. businesses. Good access from adjacent side streets and reasonable crossings over 95th are key.

    Current conditions are half assed and laughable. North Beverly cul de sacs are not bike friendly in their current design and condition. Many sidewalks are in poor condition. For a neighborhood with so much walking and biking potential, so much of it is wasted by poor planning, poor maintenance and lack of vision.

    Party City in the old Borders store? Meh.

  • duppie

    Carla Rousso just got a five year sentence handed to her.

  • If you recall from an August post, a Metra board member said that it costs $32 million to establish a new rush hour train.

    Doing some back of the envelope calculations (provided by a friend)…Metra’s cost per VRH is $448; cost per VRM is $15. An 8-car (8-vehicle) train running one roundtrip a day on a route that took 2 hours and 30 miles (so 3 hours and 60 miles), every day of the year.

    That would cost a total of between $2.5 million (based on the VRM figure) and $5.2 million (based on the VRH figure) annually. So nothing close to the crazy numbers Metra is throwing out there. Moreover, the costs would be a lot lower if they weren’t running these insanely long high-capacity trains all the time.

  • John, wherever you are, have you done a walking tour down the length of 95th Street?

  • No. It might be kind of a nightmarish due to heavy car traffic. But I’m game if you are, as long as we stop for dinner at Calumet Fisheries.

  • trufe

    “The former Borders would seem to be an easy sell. The building sits
    along a heavily trafficked mile-long strip that runs through the
    prosperous North Beverly area. It also boasts a parking lot with 80

    “But Beverly’s 95th Street corridor has been operating largely without an anchor for years, as redevelopment of The Plaza in neighboring Evergreen Park has stalled.”

    The Plaza has approximately 2 full city blocks of parking.

    So the two biggest vacancies also happen to have BY FAR the most parking. more than they could ever need. so, obviously lack of parking is the problem

    as a new resident with long family ties to the neighborhood, beverly’s problems can be summed up thusly in my opinion: a fear of change/white flight that has lingered since the 60s

    it manifests itself in: suboptimal zoning, alcohol bans, highway style street design, cul-de-sacs and unofficially segregated businesses

    those are problems, but they are really just symptoms of the one, big overarching problem

    what most of the people here do not realize is that trying to maintain this stranglehold to “save” the neighborhood is what is eventually going to kill it

  • Anne A

    Well said. Those who stubbornly retain a stranglehold on the neighborhood and fiercely resist change will doom one of our most significant business districts to mediocrity.

  • Anne A

    Huge amounts of car and bus and truck traffic – with all that nastiness, I can’t blame you for not seeing it as a tempting walk location. If you try it, I’d recommend a Saturday morning – much more pleasant, and many more neighborhood small eateries open compared to a Sunday.