Today’s Headlines

  • Patchwork of Laws Has Made Bicycling on Sidewalk Habitual (Chicago Mag)
  • …But Chicago Sidewalks Are Not For Bike Riding (Chicago Now)
  • …Even Though Chicago Made Some Sidewalk Bicycling Legal Last Year (Illinois Bike Lawyer)
  • Curious City: Why There Are So Many Amish at Union Station (WBEZ)
  • Elderly Woman Delays CTA Bus For 7 Minutes While Searching for Fare (Tribune)
  • Increasing Traffic Congestion Cited As Reason for Bike Commute Growth (Medill)
  • 11-Year-Old Among 5 Dead in Two Crashes On I-55 (Tribune)
  • Brown Line Slow Zones Persist, So Switch To Red Line (RedEye)
  • Emanuel, Council Call on City Inspector To Investigate Red Light Camera Tickets (Tribune)
  • Cabbies Want To Raise Mileage and Waiting Fares To Prevent “Service Deterioration” (Sun-Times)

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  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Wow cab drivers really want people to switch to Uber.

  • cjlane

    No, they want to have the legislature effectively ban Uber, or, if that doesn’t work, raise Uber’s cost structure to theirs, and then exercise some monopoly-type pricing.

  • Mishellie

    I like the do not ride on sidewalks article comment where someone claims to have been punched by a bicyclist.

    Look. I get cyclists can annoy people or whatever, but when they’re PUNCHING PEOPLE? The problem is that they’re committing criminal assault/battery not that they’re biking. Blaming people punching people on their bike is the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard.

    And it’s probably a lie anyway.

  • CL

    Jon Hilkevitch’s column — we’ve all been there, waiting for several long minutes while someone delays the entire bus. Sometimes it’s not one person, but a long line of passengers with different issues (a bike, trouble boarding, trouble paying….) Not to mention traffic delays and driver delays, such as the driver stopping to using the restroom or chatting with the replacement driver for a couple of light cycles.

    Taking the local bus when you have any kind of time pressure is such a gamble. It’s a completely different experience from the train, where the doors open and close within seconds. You really have to leave early enough to allow for long delays if getting somewhere on time is important.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Bikes should be banned on bus bike racks during rush hour. Nothing like 1 person taking their sweet time and delaying 35+ people not to mention everyone else in traffic.

  • BlueFairlane

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the headline …

    Edit: Hmmm. There was supposed to be an image attached to this. I guess Streetsblog won’t go there.

  • Mishellie

    I know. Bikes should be banned everywhere all the time. Die bikes die.

    It takes 30 seconds. I was on the bus before the rest of the people were done loading last time I rode a bus.

    But please. Limit our transportation options further. That way when we get a flat at rush hour we can WALK home despite the fact that there are perfectly capable bike racks passing us at regular intervals.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Nice strawman.

    You want one person to be slightly better off while many people are without a doubt worse off.

    I thought this blog was about moving people efficiently.

  • NorthSure

    I’ve been on a couple buses where somebody won’t pay and won’t get the hell off, and we ended up passing the hat around for much bigger aholes than some poor confused old lady. Why didn’t the other riders just chip in?

  • CL

    In my experience, it’s only a significant delay when someone doesn’t know how to use the bike rack, or it’s not working for some reason (I can’t tell why, as a passenger). Most of the time it’s fast.

  • Mishellie

    … exactly. It’s about moving people efficiently. Guess what’s efficient? Cycling. We should be supporting cycling.

  • Mishellie

    SEe I’ve seen this happen, but the bus driver usually just goes anyway.

  • Christopher Murphy

    Someone tried to pay for her, but she refused.

  • duppie

    Corn Dog,
    I can get my bike on rack in the same time it takes a few passengers to get on. Rarely am I the cause of any delay.

    As far as causing delays for other traffic: The car in front of you, and the car in front of that one, and the car in front of that one, etc. cause delays. Not a bus standing in a bus stop. Otherwise, banning buses would reduce congestion, no?

  • Mishellie

    And busses boarding during green lights until the light turns red. Maybe we should have bus signal priority! That would improve efficiency by leaps and bounds more than simply banning bikes (considering there’s a max of 2 bikes at a time.)

  • Mishellie

    Oh dear. Probably a very sweet woman but sometimes you gotta know when to ask for help.

  • It’s partially the reason the CTA installed a “practice” bus-bike rack outside their headquarters at 567 W Lake Street.

    If you’ve never loaded a bike onto the bus, anxiety is understandable. Ride over the CTA building and try it out with no pressure!

  • Mishellie

    Yes. And then the drivers both honk and shout (helpfully, they mean well, but being honked at by a bus you are standing in front of is instinctively anxiety inducing.) which makes the anxiety worse haha. But now I’ve figured it out, it’s pretty easy. The worst is taking stuff off the bike and figuring out what to do with that stuff while you put the bike on the rack.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    The story about the Amish was interesting.When I was younger, we visited with cousins who lived in the country. We noticed a lot of their neighbors drove black cars with wooden bumpers. We were told the owners were Mennonites, who drove cars, had electricity, and used machinery but still maintained a simple life. When asked why the wooden bumpers, it was explained that they removed the chrome bumpers because they were shiny and too flashy. They would also paint over any chrome trim. The Amish still do this with their bikes.

  • So should mobility devices. It’s so obnoxious when the driver has to stop and unfold that stupid ramp for just one person!

  • Mishellie

    Hahah this was my exact sarcastic response too but i was worried someone might take me seriously.