Today’s Headlines

  • Tonight: Meet Joyride Author Mia Birk at Vinyl
  • CTA Extends Bus Routes To Reach Beaches (CTA)
  • It’s Getting Easier To Ditch Car in Chicago (RedEye)
  • 7000-Series Train Car Bidders Rejected, Order Delayed to 2019 (Tattler)
  • People Who Ride Bikes To Work: “We’re Not Going Away” (Crain’s)
  • Union Station Master Plan Could Do More To Liven Great Hall (DNAInfo)
  • Divvy To Expand to Six Corner/Portage Park This Year (DNAInfo)
  • Aurora Man Dies After Car Crosses Median, Slams Into Semi (Tribune)
  • Transitized Reviews New Broadway Bike Lanes: Not For Everyone

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  • BlueFairlane

    Why does Union Station’s Great Hall need to be “livened”? It’s a beautiful space built inside a piece of stunning architecture. Can’t we just have a nice space without plastering video screens all over it?

  • Kevin M

    Yeah, I really didn’t care for that suggestion by Rick Harnish. I’m a member of MHSRA, and I plan to let him know my opinion of keeping Union Station’s Great Hall free of screens. Ogilvie is horribly overloaded on advertisement to the point that it distracts from just getting basic train information–never-mind the tackiness/ugliness.

  • I don’t know about the screens, but the facility as a whole is a disaster in terms of street presence.

  • Anne A

    It doesn’t need to have video screens all over it. It just needs 1 or 2 large well-placed screens where passengers can easily get information about ALL trains – Metra and Amtrak. Plenty of train stations have a functional solution to this problem. Right now Union Station does not.

    If this could be accomplished reasonably, without a lot of clutter, that would ideal.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    The bike lanes in Uptown are crazy. Just saw the videos on Transitized. Someone should lose their job at CDOT. Its just plain bad for everyone.

  • Anne A

    I agree about Ogilvie being overloaded with ads, but at least it has well placed displays with train info and is easy to navigate, unlike Union.

    The food court area at Union has a concentrated abundance of tackiness, which I find more overwhelming than the more spacious version at Ogilvie. Just my $0.02…

  • R.A. Stewart

    I haven’t had time to read the master plan in any detail, but does it include having the Great Hall actually, you know, open to the public? Out of the last four or five evenings I’ve gone to Union Station, on at least three of them the Hall was “closed for a private event.”

  • Ogilvie’s info displays are in a great place. You see them as you come up the escalator and you can quickly find the platform number for your train and its status.

    Enter the Great Hall and you’ve got nothing.

    Does the Great Hall still have those <20 inch CRT monitors at the middle with fading light tubes so you can hardly see track info?

  • I am disappointed in the designed-in conflict areas. Where was anyone at CDOT or Active Transportation Alliance advocating for bikeways on Broadway through Uptown when the Wilson Yard portion (from Montrose to Wilson) underwent a complete rebuild as part of the streetscape project ~2010?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    When you have curb bump outs that now bump out into the bike lane… its crazy for all users. The inconsistency of cars parked here, no over here, no over here. Your going to have double parkers all over the place. Buses pulling into the curb while bikers are forced away from the curb back into traffic.

    Wilson Yards, well that’s a long and painful story. Also consider that streetscape projects are planned many years before implementation, and biking was not the thing then. There is also new streetscaping coming, hope they do better.

  • Biking has been on CDOT’s radar for about a decade now. The Bike 2015 Plan was approved/endorsed by city council in 2006! So I expected a peep from someone about “Hey, why no bike accommodations on Broadway?”

  • Anne A

    Yep, then Ogilvie has the big boards close to the platforms.

    Yes, monitors in Union’s Great Hall are a joke. And the food court layout is a lousy rat maze.

  • R.A. Stewart

    I found the food court once from the Amtrak ticketing area! I was so proud of myself. And it only took me three days to find my way back downstairs.