Today’s Headlines

  • Active Trans Report Finds Chicago Averages 125K Bike Trips Per Day (Sun-Times)
  • Business Owners Fret Over Kennedy Road Work, CTA & Metra Adding Service (RedEye)
  • Cubs Must Bring Plan for New Remote Lot Before Zoning Board (Tribune)
  • Bronzeville Bike Builder Gives Away 500 Bikes to Kids (Active Trans)
  • CTA Plans to Add E-Cigarettes to Smoking Ban (RedEye)
  • Kickstarter Launched to Help Fund Idea for Island Near Erie Street (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Wins Settlement After She Was Injured by a Cop on LFT, Then Ticketed (FK Law)
  • Bolingbrook Bicyclist Hit & Dragged 50 Feet Wins Settlement (Keating)
  • Construction of Anti-Homeless Barriers Underway in Avondale Viaduct (DNA)
  • Chicago’s Loop Pedicab Ban Reflects City’s Tendancy to Over-Regulate (Tribune)
  • Police Sting Nabs Suspected Evanston Bike Thieves (NBC)
  • Bike Commuter Challenge Offers a Slew of Pit Stops & Happy Hours (DNA)

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  • 2Fast2Furious

    Somehow the Cubs parking lot neighbors think they own the streets. Last time I checked, those were PUBLIC roads. And the Cubs are parking on a PRIVATE lot, that already exists.

    It’s funny that you also have a link about pedicabs and the city’s tendency to over regulate, but then in the past have supported strong regulation aka eliminating this parking agreement because of the children.

  • David Altenburg

    Yeah, it’s funny when someone has such a nuanced view as supporting good regulation while opposing bad regulation. It sure would be simpler if everyone’s view was just “ALL REGULATION GOOD” or “ALL REGULATION BAD”, but, like you said, that would be less funny.

  • 2Fast2Furious

    How is this good regulation? It’s a parking lot with no tailgating. I’m sorry, not sorry actually, its not a farmers market, but this a private agreement between two willing parties that has traffic on public roads. if the neighbors don’t like, privatize the road and maintain it themselves, oh wait that would be too expensive.