Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT Clerk Stashes $750K in “Office of Emergency Management Cleaning” Account (CBS)
  • Oberman: To Fight Metra Patronage, Keep Log of 3rd Party Job Referrals (Sun-Times)
  • RTA Approves $250K for Study of TOD, New Amenities for Rosemont Station (RedEye)
  • IDOT Plans to Repave Sections of LSD, I-55 (Tribune)
  • Man Killed When His Own SUV Rolls Over Him (Tribune)
  • Uninsured Driver Without Valid License Kills Pedestrian in East Garfield Park (Tribune)
  • One Killed in Romeoville Pileup (Tribune)
  • Woman Arrested After Prank 911 Call Claiming Jeff Park Station Had “Collapsed” (DNA)
  • Construction Crews Digging Up Jeff Park Streets for New Gas Lines (DNA)
  • Event Company Builds Giant ‘L’ Replica for Tourist Industry Reception (RedEye)

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  • I think your link is broken to the IDOT spending:,0,1149655.story

    The worst part: “Funding also targets previously announced projects by the CTA, Metra, Amtrak and other public transportation agencies, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation, which plans to spend $14.3 billion on roads, mass transit, high-speed rail and runway upgrades at suburban and downstate airports.

    Roughly $2.1 billion of the total road funding would be directed toward the Chicago region over the six years, IDOT officials said.”

    So a state agency has decided that the part of the state that has 75-80% of the population and likely generates an even larger percentage of the state’s revenue gets a paltry 15% of the transportation funds. I think this is a pretty good preview as to what would happen if the RTA fell under state control.

    Edit: the reporting may be confusing me here… perhaps the $2.1 billion is for ROADS only spending and doesn’t represent the full amount spent in the Chicago area? IDOT’s report isn’t much help either.

  • Fixed, thanks.

  • Fbfree

    Number 2 on the highway plan is the reconstruction of I-55 between the Dan Ryan and LSD. That highway needs to be reconceptualized not just rebuilt, especially around the Chinatown spur.

  • Ryan Wallace

    In general most state funding is a 60/40 split to Chicago-area / rest of state.

  • That’s what i thought too but, the reporting isn’t clear.

  • Roland Solinski

    Good to know that Rosemont is finally starting to see the missed opportunities at River Road. They really need to modify that interchange to eliminate the high-speed turns at onramps, and put in wider sidewalks linking to the Rosemont business district. They should also “pedestrianize” River Road by encouraging landowners to build out to the sidewalk with retail.

    The title you put on the link is a little misleading, though… I thought you were referring to the Metra NCS stop at Balmoral. Usually these RTA-funded studies are for Metra stops.