Today’s Headlines

  • Taxi Newspaper Uses Homophobic Headline in (Satirical?) Attack on Ride-Share (RedEye)
  • Emanuel Announces Five Different Approaches to War on Potholes (RedEye)
  • More Coverage of the Upcoming Ventra Transition (ABC, Tattler, Maroon)
  • Driver Dies in High-Speed, Wrong-Way Arlington Heights Pileup (Tribune)
  • Man Lying in the Road Dies After Being Struck by 2 Cars in Lincolnwood (Tribune)
  • After Getting Warnings for Speeding, Hairston Wants Clearer Speed Cam Signs (DNA)
  • Neighbors Give Thumbs-Up to Speedy Bloomingdale Bridge Removal (DNA)
  • CTA Reviewing 70 Comments on Environmental Impact of Wilson Rehab (RedEye)
  • New CTA Board Member Lives Nowhere Near Service Area (RedEye)
  • Water Main Break Temporarily Closes Grand Blue Line Stop (Tribune, ABC)
  • A Win for Winfield: Village Adopts Bike Plan (Active Trans)

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  • Anne A

    Whether or not that Dispatcher piece is intended as satire, it’s in poor taste.

  • Bizness as Usual

    Being appointed to a transit board isn’t about your knowledge or expertise of transit issues, its about who you know and who’s butt you kissed.

  • Anne A

    WTF is someone from Olympia Fields doing on the CTA board?

    Also – a bit of inaccuracy: “The farthest south the CTA extends is the 95th Street Red Line station.” I guess that whoever wrote the article doesn’t know much about CTA either. The southernmost bus routes go beyond 130th St.

  • skyrefuge

    “It is unclear whether Lutfallah intended the editorial to be satire”. Um, what? Does RedEye have the reading comprehension skills of a 1st grader? It’s painfully obvious that the piece is satire. Are we going to start getting headlines here about “offensive” Onion headlines too?

    Here’s the piece: “The city is moving forward
    and will steamroll our industry if we don’t act in earnest. They did
    it to my grandfather more than a hundred years ago when they
    destroyed his horse-drawn-carriage business by allowing horseless
    machines to carry people around the city.”

    I can understand it’s confusing for a “taxicab industry” publication to be printing an anti-regulation piece, but apparently at least some faction of that industry would appreciate some relaxation in taxi regulations, and don’t want regulation added for ride-share.

  • CL

    Thanks for the link. I thought it was funny and not offensive to gay people or women (and I am both) — the threat to expose gay alderman is meant to be absurd. His point about gender is that the rideshare companies allow women to prioritize their safety, and as a result they have more female drivers — unlike the taxi industry, where women don’t feel safe, and nobody seems to care. But of course, different people will have different interpretations and reactions.

  • It’s worth noting that three out of 50 Chicago aldermen are openly gay or lesbian. However, it seems that, even in this day and age, the idea of blackmailing someone for their sexual orientation is nothing to joke about.

  • Guest

    Ok, you’re right. Satire has no place in today’s society. We must think
    of the children. They might not be able to grasp the concept that a
    homophobic headline in a satirical piece actually means *the opposite*,
    and thus really serves to highlight the ridiculousness of homophobia. If
    I know anything about progress, it’s that always playing to the lowest
    common denominator and never requiring anyone to think is the most
    surefire path to success. So I agree with you, we must do something. I
    know 2 of the 3 “openly gay” members on the City Council are actually
    straight, and will reveal them next week if the Council doesn’t ban
    satire! Or at least require a disclaimer to be added to all satirical

  • skyrefuge

    Ugh, I try to delete my badly-formatted comment to replace it and it instead just turns it into a Guest post? Silly Disqus!!

  • BlueFairlane

    On the upside, I’ve long wondered how posts get turned into Guest posts, but have never been curious enough to try figuring it out. Now I know!

  • Peter

    … and some think the term ‘Bossy’ is disparaging to women (not satire). This world is messed up and people need to chill the F out.

  • Male Privilege Folks

    The world is changing for the better and you’re stuck in the past.

  • Anne A

    Too much modern satire is so poorly written that it’s not always recognizable as such, which defeats the purpose.

  • BlueFairlane

    Whether offensive or not, this particular headline commits the greater sin of not being funny.

  • skyrefuge

    Ok, sure, but that doesn’t apply to this piece, which is obviously recognizable as satire. At least it is if you read anything past the headline, and the piece can hardly be blamed for readers failing to actually read it.

    Also, while I require my Onion articles to actually be funny, that’s not a requirement I have for satire-with-an-actual-cause, which is what this piece is (the self-defeating effects of fighting against inevitable progress is its main theme).

  • I’d give Tracy Swartz the benefit of the doubt here about knowing the CTA service area. I think she’s ridden more unique bus routes than anyone.

    But Robert Lewis doesn’t seem like a good choice as there are equally qualified individuals who live and work in the CTA service area.

  • I think Alderman Hairston is essentially saying that she doesn’t see speed limit signs now, nor did she ever.

  • skyrefuge

    Ok, forgetting satire and “offensiveness” for a moment, I realized what bugs me most here is that there is genuine Transportation News here, and Streetsblog totally whiffed on it.

    The first item in today’s summary *should* have read: “Taxi Industry publication comes out in favor of unregulated ride-sharing services (Uber, Lyft, etc.)”

    As far as I know, that’s genuine news that I haven’t seen reported anywhere else. The stories I’ve read have portrayed the issue simply as a battle between the ride-share upstarts and the uniform front of the legacy taxi industry (with the mayor leaning toward the side of ride-share). Apparently it’s more complex than that.

  • Sorry…NOT SORRY

    Last time I checked we didn’t have signs telling us to follow every law on the books. Part of passing the driving exam is knowing the speed limit.

  • Wendy Darling

    I know! It’s making me sad to realize people can’t recognize a joke. Guess it was a little too subtle for many to pick up on. If you read carefully, it’s clearly not serious. And here’s a response to the accusation of homophobia:

    “In response, Lutfallah emailed, “How dare they not condemn the misogyny [in the editorial] as well? Equality my foot.”

    Another one of their headlines is “Cab driver accidentally picks up black man.” I can only assume that is also a joke. Chill, people.