Today’s Headlines

  • After Improved Ventra Performance, CTA Has Begun Paying Cubic (NBC)
  • Oberweis, Who Pushed to Raise IL Speed Limit, Has 11 Speeding Tickets (Tribune)
  • State Senator Silverstein Behind Proposed Ban on Driving With Google Glass (DNA)
  • Osterman Wants to Make Broadway/Devon More Ped-Friendly (DNA)
  • Female Car Driver Killed in Crash With Tanker Near Crete (Southtown)
  • Conversion Van Driver Causes 4-Vehicle Pileup in River North (Tribune)
  • 2 Injured in Rollover Crash on Ryan Near Cermak (Tribune)
  • Atlantic Cities Takes a Look at the Battle Over Ashland BRT
  • …And City Pages Deconstructs Their Coverage
  • Blue Rehab Plan Shows a Hypothetical New TOD Building at Logan Square (DNA)

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  • Lizzyisi

    Wow! I would love to see Broadway/Devon made more pleasant for pedestrians and to get some decent bike infrastructure there. We never get up to Devon (which is not far from us and has many business we like) because it is so unfriendly to transit and peds. We’re just *not* *going* to drive to a place 5 miles from home and have to hassle with parking and traffic; we’ll just stay closer to home.

  • CL

    One thing they could do at Broadway / Devon is allow people to pull out of the drive-in Starbucks onto Devon Avenue. Right now, you have to turn right and then drive around the block to head any direction besides south, which creates more traffic at the intersection.

    Really, they should have located that Starbucks somewhere else entirely, so that you could enter and exit from multiple sides. I was excited when it opened, but now I rarely go because it’s such a pain to drive there — you have to be approaching it from the north, and headed south, for it to be convenient.

  • It will be very difficult to make Devon and Broadway ped friendly. It’s so many lanes and just a very uncomfortable area to begin with.

    If they do this, it needs to continue up Sheridan to the city limits. Cut Sheridan down to two lanes, left turn lanes and proper PBLs. CDOT already said they won’t have proper bike lanes on Clark through Rogers Park so something needs to be done.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I think raising the speed limit on limited access highways was long overdue, regardless of the bill champion’s habits. In, fact, those habits point to it being something wise, as the roads are clearly designed for very high speed and artificially limited to low speeds leading to some dangerous speed differentials between people who drive closer to design speed and people who drive closer to speed limit.

  • skyrefuge

    Agreed that raising the limit on limited-access highways was a good idea. However, it’s not clear that any of Oberweis’s speeding incidents actually occurred on limited-access highways anyway (oddly, the Tribune notes the general location of many of the tickets, but not the type of road, which would seem an obvious thing to mention given the ‘self-serving politician’ angle they used for the story). But regardless of whether he’s a self-serving politician, the fact that he caused a left-cross accident in 2006 and was cited twice in 2012 for 20mph over in a 40mph zone indicates that he’s at least a reckless ass.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    Touche to that. I just assumed limited access highway because you have to be a gigantic ass to get a ticket on a city street around here it seems. haha.

  • forensicgarlic

    Now that there’s a Hema’s Kitchen in Lincoln Park, I never make it up to Devon.