Today’s Headlines

  • As Temperatures Rise, Transpo System Is Returning to Normal (Tribune)
  • Crew Shortages Contributed to Metra Delays During Deep-Freeze (Tribune)
  • Yellow Line Service Resumes After Minor Derailment in Rogers Park (Tribune)
  • Taxi Business Increased Up to 40 Percent During Big Chill (DNA)
  • $23 Million Rehab Will Make IMD Station More Accessible (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • CTA Picks Artists to Beautify 8 Red Line Stations (DNA)
  • Divvy Slated to Reopen Tomorrow (DNA)
  • Streets and San Planning to Remove “Dibs” Junk From Street (RedEye)
  • The Story of Copenhagen’s Ped District Is a Lesson for Chicago (Transitized)
  • Savanna, IL, Bike Crash Shows “Right-Hooks” Aren’t Just a City Thing (Keating)
  • Tips for Safe Winter Biking (Kevenides)

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  • what_eva

    I’m confused by the Yellow line derailment. The video on the trib allegedly shows the derailed train, but it appears it’s showing the train at Rogers (south of Howard). Yellow line trains aren’t in service south of Howard, they only go there to turn around on a stub track that ends around Rogers. If the video is correct, then why were there any customers on board? (quote “Customers on board were able to alight”). And if the video is correct, then why would CTA have to shut down the Yellow line? There are other ways to turn around besides the stub track, just would require them to do some more shuffling to ensure Red/Purple trains didn’t get blocked.

  • CL

    The train was most likely approaching Howard from the north, to let customers off at Howard station. Chicago extends for few blocks north of Howard street near the lake — so that area is part of Rogers Park.

  • what_eva

    But the video is clearly showing a train south of Howard, north of Howard within Chicago is all within Howard Yard. No elevated tracks like is shown.