Today’s Headlines

  • New Speed Cams at Legion and Welles Parks, Morgan Park High (CDOT)
  • Streets & San Chief: Instead of “Dibs,” Help Your Neighbors Shovel (DNA)
  • Bike Riders (Including Steven) Call for Better Plowing of Bike Lanes (DNA)
  • Divvy Still on Hiatus While City Digs Out From Snowstorm (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • 64 Vehicles Were Towed on NYE for Violating Overnight Parking Ban (RedEye)
  • After Complaints About Biased BRT Piece, Gapers Block Gives Airtime to Proponents
  • Illinois Passes Law to Get Bicycle Crash Victims Paid Faster (Keating)
  • Dark Matter Coffee Signs on as Active Trans Sponsor
  • BWLP Looks Back at the Last Year and Forward to Upcoming Projects
  • Biggest Bike Stories of 2013 (Kevenides)

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  • WestLooper

    I don’t get why Divvy shuts down at all. If someone wants to bike in a blizzard, what’s that to Divvy?

  • In addition to conditions being relatively hazardous for biking, they’re also hazardous for Divvy staffers driving around maintaining stations. Best to wait until the roads are clear to shovel out the docks.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Only 64? I just assumed it’d be triple digits, easy.

  • WestLooper

    Ok, so suspend the re-balancing and snow clearance. Still don’t get it.