Today’s Headlines

  • Public Workers Ran Red Lights 11,500 Times in Last 7 Years (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Senior in Englewood (Tribune)
  • Man Charged With DUI in Crash That Killed His Daughter on Christmas Eve (Tribune)
  • Driver Who Injured 3 in Rogers Park Turns Himself in (Tribune)
  • Oberweis Wants to Jack Up Chicago Expressway Speed Limit to 70 (DNA)
  • Dowell’s Dead-in-the-Water Bike Tax Proposal Gets National Ink (Associated Press)
  • The Year in Divvy (Chicagoist)
  • Why Not Pedestrianize Michigan Avenue? (Transitized)
  • Cabbies Sell Calendar to Raise Money for Lawsuit Against City (DNA)
  • Big Turnout for the December Critical Lass Ride (Ding Ding)
  • CL

    70 should be the speed limit on the interstates generally, but it’s too fast for the parts that run through Chicago. 45 is definitely too slow (nobody comes close to following it) and 55 is okay. If it were up to me, I’d probably set those limits to 60.

  • CL

    Also, I think the huge number of red light tickets just shows how easy it is to get red light tickets in Chicago, due to the very short yellow lights. I’ve never gotten one, but it’s because I drive differently here due to the yellows, erring on the side of slowing down or stopping too early. Everywhere else, I just drive normally and never run lights because I always have time to react.

  • BlueFairlane

    While I do think the 3-second yellow is too short, I tend to believe that you’d have as many people running red lights were the yellows longer as you do now. This is just one of those things part of the Chicago driving culture.