Today’s Headlines

  • Editorial: Decision to Cut Pre-Tax Transit Benefits Is “Bass-Ackward” (Tribune)
  • Our Urban Times: Exactly 3 Residents Like BRT, Everybody Else Hates It
  • New Stoplight at Western/Ardmore Makes It Safer to Cross Street (DNA)
  • Mundelein Residents Support Adding Car Lane to Road But Not Bike Path (Tribune)
  • Mechanical Problems Caused Delays on O’Hare Line Yesterday (ABC)
  • Naperville Allows Drive-Thru Windows for Pot Clinics (Tribune)
  • Cyclists Who Don’t Wear Helmets Aren’t Necessarily Being Irresponsible (Kevenides)
  • HoliDivvy Decorators Spoken Art Want to Become “Threadless for Bikes” (DNA)

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  • madopal

    Wow, with all of the “cyclists must ride two abreast” signs along St. Mary’s immediately after the “Share the Road” signs, I thought the local communities were the ones doing it…but from the Trib piece on the Mundelein lane stuff:

    “We did discuss having an on-road bike lane rather than the bike path,
    but the county was adamant that the bike path be off the roadway,” said
    Trustee Ray Semple. “That was just part of the deal here in having the
    county pay for part of the roadway.”

    Lake County needs some help.