Today’s Headlines

  • BRT Supporters “Clearly Outnumbered Detractors” at Last Night’s Hearing (Expired Meter)
  • … But Rossi Only Gave 3.5 Lines to the Pro-BRT Viewpoint in Her Writeup (Sun-Times)
  • Traffic Cams Have Reduced Speeding by 65 Percent in 2 Months (Active Trans)
  • Is Ventra Another Cautionary Tale About the Perils of Privatization? (Nation)
  • Converting Metra to Ventra Will Be a Challenge (Gapers Block)
  • City Council Committee OKs Expanding Wrigley East on Sheffield (Sun-Times)
  • Long Grove Residents Seek to Undo Privatization of Roads (Tribune)
  • Fallen Cyclist Hector Avalos Worked in Same Building as Active Trans
  • Drunk Ambulance Driver Crashes Into Truck in Uptown (DNA)
  • Steinberg Takes a Snow Ride on Divvy (Sun-Times)
  • Lend Me a Tenner: This Uptowner Advocates for Bike-Friendly Streets (DNA)
  • Lululemon Rewards Illegal Parker by Paying Her Ticket (DNA)

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  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Just remember it is the sales tax collected here that funds a good deal of the cost of rapid transit. So you can poo poo the concerns of businesses, but you just might be Canabalizing the funds collected for CTA. So when routes start being cut because of lack of funding… I guess we can all say, oh well.

  • David P.

    “Lululemon rewards illegal parker by paying her ticket” – really??? That is a remarkably mean-spirited headline about some people that did something nice for another person.

  • This wasn’t a random act of kindness. It was part of Lululemon’s “No Humbug Challenge,” launched in late November, a few days after Stephen Colbert called out their CEO for making sexist and racist comments: The CEO’s resignation was announced Monday. So much for good karma.

  • Katja

    Steinberg really seems to have come around on Divvy. His initial columns on it were less than praise-filled, but now he’s sharing insights that many can find useful. Mittens rule.

  • David P.

    I know it was part of an organized thing, but describing it as ‘rewarding an illegal parker’ is rather prissy.

  • Stop the sensationalism

    It was an extremely misleading headline. All this does is devalue your other good work.

  • SP_Disqus

    Public comment: If they install BRT, I will no longer be able support businesses on Ashland Avenue!

    Comment on the real: I don’t know of any businesses on Ashland and I am opposed to BRT because it will make it more difficult for me to get to the expressway so I can do all my shopping at the suburban shopping mecca in Schaumburg known as Ikea plus Woodfield mall.

  • mhls

    I thought the same thing. The person chose not find legal parking. Got a ticket. Sure it was nice to have it covered but folks are getting rather worked up over headlines.

  • Chicagio

    Nice inclusion of the Long Grove article. Having grown up in this area i’ve gotten to see the self-imposed damage LG has done to itself. For years LG did not allow any retail outside of the downtown area while at the same time, severely restricting new development inside the downtown area.. As a result, LG’s tax base dried up once housing stopped being built (not allowing lots smaller than 2 acres didn’t help either). Even worse, LG isolated itself from its surroundings by doing things like disconnecting through streets like Arlington Heights RD from Aptakisic.

  • Fbfree

    The Expired Meter article is inaccurate. I had talked to the staffers at the front when leaving and at least 110 people showed up. Her impression was that it was about an even split supporters and detractors.

  • Peter

    Yep.. . that’s it. On the real….. hit the nail square on the head.. (sarcasm) SMH

  • CL

    I wanted to go to the BRT hearing tonight, but it would be over an hour on the 22, and then the 9, in extremely cold weather. . . demonstrating, I think, that we need faster and more reliable bus service.