New Site Helps You Suggest Locations for Up to 250 More Divvy Stations

Divvy station suggestion website - mobile edition
The Divvy station suggestion website has been optimized for smartphones for on-the-go ideas.

Divvy and the Chicago Department of Transportation quietly launched a new bike-share station suggestion map yesterday. The new version features design and speed improvements (both versions were built by the software division at OpenPlans, Streetsblog’s parent non-profit).

In 2014, Divvy will be expanding its service area with 175 more stations, and CDOT has applied for funding to install 75 more. If that third round of stations gets installed, to Evanston and Oak Park, it would bring Divvy’s total to 550 — making it the bike-share system with the most station (but not the most bikes) in North America.

The new site is much easier to use on smartphones than the old site. As of this writing, users have submitted over 480 suggested locations — they’re coming in about once a minute.

The most popular locations so far are Clark/Berwyn (18 “likes”), which would bring Divvy closer to the Andersonville retail core, the Loyola Red Line station, Holstein Park in Bucktown, the Granville Red Line station, the Kimball Brown Line station and surrounding commercial area, and near Kuma’s Corner in Avondale (14 likes each).

  • Linnaeus

    The old map showed about a hundred planned stations which are no longer shown on the new map. Here’s hoping those are still on the list for the spring.

  • Fred

    Reading through the comments on these is interesting. It seems like quite a few of them are purely self serving. You could boil many of them down to “you should put a station directly outside my home/office/gym/daycare so I don’t have to walk a block over to an existing station!” The existing stations all seem a little more “regional” than that (intentionally, I assume), meaning, they are centrally located near and intended to serve several different places.

  • I am resisting the urge to plop one down in front of my place :)

    I can’t figure out how to use it though! I’m using Chrome. Is anyone else having an issue?

  • Erik

    Close the side pane and the “suggest a location” box will pop up.

  • They are all subject to change even after the installation.

  • The one I added for Kuma’s Corner (yeah, that was me) is one block from my house. There are a lot of popular, highly praised, locally-owned businesses within a block of the Elston/California/Belmont intersection and I chose Kuma’s because of the available on-street space.

    I made a small app so you can see the original suggester’s comments all in one list:

  • Everything’s changed since publishing!

    Loyola has moved to the top, with 26 supporters. And Logan/California has breached the top 5, with 25 supporters. Bryn Mawr Red Line station and Foster/Damen are tied for third place with 24 supporters each. Blind Robbin, a bar in Ukrainian Village is tied for fourth place with Kimball Brown Line with 23 supporters each. Healy Metra station is fifth with 22 supporters.

  • Chicagio

    I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s probably a smart idea for Divvy to locate docks near concentrations of enthusiastic Divvyers (as if there’s any other kind.) BTW… best idea I saw was for putting a 2nd Divvy dock in front of the building where the people sued Divvy.

  • Bryan

    how do you order the suggestions by number of “likes”?

  • I haven’t added that functionality yet so I am creating a JSON-formatted text file and looking at the number of supporters in OpenRefine.

    The data will appear on the page at the top after it has finished downloading.

  • I saw the suggestion for one “Outside 3 Floyds,” which is a brewery in Indiana, and clicked through. There’s one south of it on the map that is probably a screwup (since the text references a Chicago location), but as I scrolled upwards I found another that is NOT a mistake but is hilarious.

  • I found another screwup: at the Monroe harbor but the user said Belmont/Halsted.

  • Ok, you’re awake and commenting — what’s the leaderboard as of this morning? I can’t wait. :->

  • I get to awake naturally.

    The most popular now are Clark/Albion, Clark/Berwyn, Western Avenue Metra station, Chicago/Halsted, Logan/California.

  • I made a new page that lists by number of likes.

  • Thank you so much for everything you do. :-> Typing ‘popular’ after it loads everything seems to cut out everything with only 1 vote — any chance of lifting that cutoff to, say, 5?

  • Yeah, I gotta delete the old one now that I’ve fixed it. Working on speed improvements later this week.

  • Chris

    See that’s what’s messed up, though. If you like at the map its mostly North siders advocating for more stations a BLOCK AWAY FROM AN EXISTING ONE! I’m all for Divvy, but let’s build a FEW stations on the West Side. Little Village was supposed to get a few stations and now I’m afraid we may not get any. I’ll be really disappointed if this is the case.

  • edgewater

    Some people signed up for divvy on the strength of a “coming soon” station. “Subject to change” is all very well and legal, but disappointment knows no disclaimer – edgewater is waiting.


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