Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Provides a Performance Update on Ventra (Sun-Times, RedEye, NBC)
  • Cubic Claims Ventra Will Be Running Smoothly by End of Year (Tribune)
  • 47th Ward Doing “Block Audit” Survey As Part of Participatory Budget Process (DNA)
  • Motorist Killed in Metra Crash after Driving Around Crossing Gates (Tribune, NBC)
  • Driver Finally Charged in 2012 Death of Cicero Pedestrian (Tribune)
  • Girl Maces CTA Driver Over Fare Dispute (NBC)
  • Urban Flooding Increases Transportation Costs (CNT)
  • Transit Union Member Poll Shows 93 Percent Disapproval of Emanuel (NBC)
  • How Will It Impact a Bike Crash Claim if the Driver Isn’t Ticketed? (Kevenides)

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For Some College Students, Ventra Rollout Begins Today

The Chicago Transit Authority’s revenue director, Eric Reese, hosted a gaggle of reporters on Friday to show off the Ventra “outreach bus” and demonstrate, for the first time, a Ventra vending machine. Ventra is set to replace the current fare media for CTA and the Pace suburban bus system, including all passes, Chicago Card/Plus, and […]

You Might Already Be Ready to Use Ventra

Ventra, you may have heard, is the new fare payment system for Chicago Transit Authority and Pace. (Metra will not be joining the Ventra system, and is currently testing other fare payment methods.) CTA is switching to Ventra to save $5 million per year on maintaining outdated fare collection technology, according to spokesperson Lambrini Lukidis. […]

New Ventra App Takes Small Step Towards Transit Fare Integration

The forthcoming smartphone ticket app for Metra will also make it possible for Chicago Transit Authority and Pace customers to manage their Ventra transit accounts on their phones, the CTA announced last week. Even though the three agencies will spend $2.5 million on the app (plus nearly $16,000 in monthly fees), the Ventra app won’t at […]

Getting to Work With Ventra: An Uneventful Experience

The multi-week Ventra rollout ramps up this week as thousands of college students have received their U-PASS-enabled Ventra cards. The same card will be with them through their entire enrollment at 41 participating colleges. Outside the semester, though, students can load cash or passes onto the Ventra card to give them transit access when U-PASS […]

Ventra Balance Transfer Events Exclude Chicago Card Plus

I recently attended a Ventra balance transfer event at Marquette Park. At these community events, CTA staffers are on hand to read the balance on residents’ existing farecards and transfer it to a Ventra card. It was an enlightening experience – but not in a good way. Critical bits of info about the transition process […]