Divvy Installs 300th Station as Members Keep Riding in Colder Temps

300th Divvy station
The 300th Divvy station was installed Tuesday afternoon next to Julia Porter Park in Lincoln Park.

Divvy completed the first season’s rollout with the installation of the 300th station at Lincoln/Halsted/Fullerton yesterday afternoon. As the system has grown, annual members are making more trips, even while the temperature drops.

As of yesterday there were 10,810 annual members, and the latest stats show that they are making more and more Divvy trips. With the temperature dropping from September to October, overall trips on Divvy slowed 12.2 percent. However, the decline was mostly among 24-hour pass holders — annual members actually took 18.0 percent more trips in the last 30 days than the previous 30 days. Annual members accounted for 62.4 percent of Divvy trips in the 30 days ending October 29 compared to 46.5 percent of trips in the previous period.

The rollout of the first 300 stations didn’t always proceed according to schedule, for reasons including station site changes and construction work blocking installation. For the past month, the implementation had been stuck, with about 95 percent of phase one stations on the street, according to Divvy spokesperson Elliot Greenberger. “The final 5 percent was due to a combination of a late shipment of key equipment as well as a recognition that certain stations required extra attention in terms of siting,” he said.

A casually dressed man riding Divvy
Divvy riding on Dearborn.

All Divvy stations will stay open during winter, save for shutdowns in severe weather. Divvy will be responsible for clearing snow from around the stations. The active fleet will be smaller so that more bikes can be held in reserve and rolled out when bikes need to be taken out of service for repairs. Divvy will grow in the spring, adding 100 more stations.

  • Anonymous

    I am new to riding to work, and have been pleasantly surprised how comfortable it is to ride in the 30s. We’ll see how I feel in January.

  • Anonymous

    Have they given any indication when they’ll start mapping out where the next 100 are slated to be installed? My assumption is they’ve got it all figured out internally, but I imagine another blitz of Divvy-PR such as “You’ve gotten used to it, now where should we put the next 100?” would keep them top-of-mind through the winter slowdown and build more anticipation for the spring thaw.

  • Ryan

    Hopefully that’s a low use sidewalk because it just got cut to one lane of traffic with the Divvy station added there.

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction as well.

  • Mcass777

    Water proof everything, use breathe able layers, get full fenders, look for black ice, and have a foot ready to catch any possible spill. After a few days in the muck, if you are prepared, you will love the peace and quiet. You might even regret the return of nice weather and all the bikes!

  • J

    I believe the Divvy map already shows most of the next 100 locations (in yellow). I count 80, so only 20 station locations need to be determined:


  • Scott Sanderson

    I have been riding winters for a few years now, and my experience is that you can wear your normal clothes if you have full fenders and a chain guard. I like wool better than waterproof stuff, but that is just my opinion. A scarf has also proven to be key for me because it can cover your face and keep you warm, but is easily moved if you get too hot. Safe to say, I am much more comfortable at 30 degrees (and below!) than I am at 70.

    Good luck with your winter riding!

  • Anonymous

    No better time to ride than when it’s cool, or even cold. Cold and rain? Not so much fun.

  • I got bundled up in full rain gear last night and had fun cruising across town in the chilly downpour, quite cozy. As the old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.”

  • Anonymous

    Yep – I was on my scooter in rain pants and snowboard jacket; comfortable, but that doesn’t mean I Iike the combination of cold and rain, though … and last night didn’t hit my cold threshold, either. :)

    I’m with you, though – preparation is the key.

  • BlueFairlane

    The only thing is I’ve never found any such thing as a waterproof shoe. I’ve heard many suggestions and tried some of them for myself, but they all drown inside a month. I don’t mind the rest, but wet feet just kills riding for me.


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