Eyes on the Street: Bikes Allowed on Ridge Avenue for One Day

Bike the Ridge in Evanston by Jeff Zoline
##http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesbondsv/tags/biketheridge/##Biking on Ridge Avenue## is allowed one day per year. Photo: Jeff Zoline

The city of Evanston transformed Ridge Avenue for two miles yesterday for the annual Bike The Ridge, a car-free open streets event. Normally, Evanston bans bicycle riding on Ridge Avenue, a four-lane arterial through town, but not this past Sunday.

Ridge Avenue could go on a road diet, swapping space for cars with space for curbside bike lanes, which would have the further benefit of keeping bicyclists out of the hair of people on the sidewalk.

Ridge in Evanston from Streetmix
What Ridge Avenue would look like after a road diet. ##http://streetmix.net/stevevance/11/ridge-at-lake-street-evanston-remix##Redesign it on Streetmix##.


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