Today’s Headlines

  • Divvy Hits 1 Million Miles (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • Bike-Share Comes to Uptown (DNA)
  • Red Rehab Slated for 10/20 Completion, Southsiders Want Shuttles to Stay (DNA)
  • More Airtime for BRT Opponents (NBC)
  • Driver Kills 2-Year-Old Girl at 57th and Morgan in Englewood (Sun-Times)
  • Plan Commission Approves TIF Expansion for Englewood Railyard (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • Motorist Found Dead in West Chicago Ravine (Tribune)
  • Video: Elliot Greenberger Discusses Divvy’s Marketing Strategy (

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  • Mishellie

    I just find it… insane/amusing that on an article about the massive amount of Divvy usage that has already happened, people still comment and say no one wants Divvy around.

    What? Look at the article. Clearly you are wrong, there’s the evidence.

  • Fred

    re Red Rehab: It’s interesting just how opposed to change people are. They are opposed to reverting back a change they opposed in the first place!

  • Anonymous

    Save yourself the from the frustration off message boards, by installing the Ghostery add-on in your browser. No more message boards, unless you want to see them.

  • Mishellie

    Haha nah, I actually enjoy a reminder every once in a while that some people are just dumb. Keeps me from thinking everyone’s an a-hole.

  • J

    FYI, looks like Chicago just passed DC to become the 2nd biggest bike share system in the US, both by # of stations & # of bikes.