Today’s Headlines

  • A Solid Editorial on BRT from the Sun-Times
  • Driver Who Killed Girl After “Huffing” Asks for Charges to Be Dismissed (Tribune)
  • State Officials Discuss Plan for High-Speed Rail From Chicago to Detroit (Lakeshore)
  • $14 Million O’Hare Parking Upgrade to Reduce Circling by Drivers (Sun-Times)
  • Venting About Ventra: Reader Email Their Problems With the New System (Tattler)
  • Ventra FAQs (RedEye)
  • Divvy Comes to Daleyville (DNA)
  • Austin Neighborhood Not Getting Divvy Anytime Soon (Austin Talks)
  • Part of Metra’s Rock Island Line to Shut Down on 2 Sundays for Construction (ABC)
  • Please Don’t Steal CTA Maps (NBC)

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  • Anne A

    Very solid BRT piece from Sun-Times. Well done.

  • Fred

    The article about high speed rail is confusing. It seems to be mixing talking about extending the South Shore Line from South Bend, IN to Pontiac, MI, but also talks about high speed Amtrak between Chicago and Detroit.

  • Jack Crowe

    Why not just sell the CTA maps for profit? People buy shirts for particular stops…

  • Adam Herstein

    This. I really want one of the tin station signs to use as decoration/art, but the pickings on eBay are slim. I really wish the CTA would sell official signs. What I really think would be cool is to have a room with framed rail system maps of cities I have been to. I would gladly pay money for an official map or sign.

  • Katja, yo. They’ve got route maps and more.

  • Katja

    Specifically, here:

    There’s a vending machine at CTA HQ that has a lot of the items in it. I’m not certain whether these posters are, but it’s worth a look.

  • Adam Herstein

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I don’t see very many tin signs on there for sale.

  • Fred
  • Kevin M

    I agree. The South of The Lake Route Alternatives study has nothing to do with the South Shore Line. Here’s the official website on the study:

  • matt

    19 girl huffs fumes while driving car. girl hits family on sidewalk. 5 year old dies. wtf.

  • Fred

    After re-reading the article, I don’t think they are talking about the South Shore Line at all (hence the lower case L in “line”). This is made extra confusing by the picture of the NICTD train at the top of the page. Overall, a poorly written article.

  • Adam Herstein


  • Ryan Wallace

    Even if this stuff IS available, the CTA needs to do a better job of marketing it. They also need to do a better job of licensing others to create awesome CTA stuff.