Today’s Headlines

  • Loyola Moves Forward With Plans for Pedestrianizing Kenmore (DNA)
  • Tunney OKs Wrigley Plan With Pedestrian Bridge (Sun-Times)
  • Speed Cameras Will Be Installed in the Next Few Months (DNA)
  • Chicago Needs to Start Making a New City Plan ASAP (Crain’s)
  • Ghost Bike Honors Teen Shot While Riding in Austin (
  • How Do We Keep Children Safe on Bikes in Chicago? (Gapers Block)
  • Divvy Customers Talk About How They Use the Bikes (Active Trans)
  • Local Hotels That Offer Loaner Bikes (Ding Ding)

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  • Brian

    Love your comment, John, about the speed cameras. YOu might as well say, “I’m for backroom deals, government corruption, and higher taxes. I’ll do whatever the government tells me. Every law that is made should be abided by.”
    I’ll think of you as I speed through marked crosswalks, and people trying to cross the street look at me like “why aren’t you stopping?”

  • Huh? What’s the connection between the cameras and you acting homicidal by speeding and ignoring the state’s “stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk” law?

  • Brian

    You think everything the government says and does is right and “good for you”. I don’t. For example, the stop for pedestrians in crosswalk law is ridiculous. Yet, I’m sure you think it’s the best thing ever.
    I don’t think it’s always possible to stop, especially if I’m cruising along at 40 or 50 MPH. People are idiots if they just step into the crosswalk, and expect cars to be able to stop. Perhaps they study the laws of physics.

  • Logan Square Driver

    Even I can’t approve of this clown.

  • Nope, the wasteful and destructive upcoming Circle Interchange and Illiana Expressway projects spring to mind as government gone wrong.

    Yes, the “stop for peds” law rocks. It’s only common sense that if someone is already in a crosswalk, a motorist must stop for them rather than run them down.

    Why are you driving 40 or 50 mph on city streets? The default speed limit in Illinois is 35, and in school and park zones it’s 25, for a very good reason. Studies show a person struck at 40 mph will almost always dies, a person hit at 30 mph has a 50/50 chance, and a person struck at 20 mph almost always survives.

  • Brian

    Oh come on LSD, I’m you’re type of guy! It’s pretty easy to go 40 or 50 down streets like Western.

  • Yes, it’s strange, I thought this was the beginning of a horrible friendship.

  • CL

    Even if you’re speeding, you should have enough time to see that someone is waiting at a crosswalk — so it shouldn’t be a big surprise when they step into the street since legally they have the right of way.

    On roads like Western, though, it’s hopeless because none of the other cars will stop. So even though I wish everyone followed the law, it just doesn’t work on four-lane roads. I have stopped trying.

    But it’s amazing how upset people get about stopping for ten seconds. After I stop for a pedestrian, the cars behind me immediately start trying to pass me (even though the pedestrian has crossed and I’m back up to speed) like they can’t even handle being behind someone who might stop for another pedestrian. Yet most drivers will pause to let another driver pull into the road — or even cross the lane completely to turn left. We just need to extend the same friendly courtsey to pedestrians.

  • On the (very rare) occasion that I do drive, I feel the same on wide streets. I always want to stop for people trying to cross but it doesn’t make sense unless everyone else does, and they don’t. So then I run the risk of being rear-ended and that could hurt the person crossing.

    The best thing to do is slow down the traffic. High speed streets don’t belong in any city. No pedestrian tunnels or overpasses can fix that.