Today’s Headlines

  • Divvy Hits 2,200 Members, With 3,000 Rides Taken on Saturday Alone (DNA)
  • The Trib Looks at Divvy Equity Issues, With a Predictably Negative Slant (Tribune)
  • Metra Chair Says CEO Made Corruption Accusations When Job Was Threatened (Tribune)
  • After Sales Drop, Metra Chair Recommends Reinstating Discounted Passes (Sun-Times)
  • Teen in Fatal Street-Racing Crash Charged With Aggravated DUI (Tribune)
  • Why Bike Infrastructure is Good for Business (Chicago)
  • Traffic Headaches Expected for Taste of Chicago (Sun-Times)
  • A Gallery of Divvy Bike-Share Photos (Tribune)

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  • Anne A

    I was having a conversation with a fellow passenger on my Metra Rock Island trip this morning about what we’ve seen in the last year and a half since we got hit with a 40% fare increase – continued mechanical and signal problems, no more A/C in outlying stations, continued service delays on weekends as the number of open cars (and number of ADA cars) is usually minimal enough to slow boarding significantly, and fewer benches to sit on (at LaSalle and some outlying stations) during the sometimes-long waits. And they said they needed this money to improve service. WTF?!?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen so many divvy bikes around navy pier/ streeterville/ and the lakefront. This is so exciting!

  • Notice how the board approved the fare increase and the chairman is now saying he shouldn’t have done that. It almost seems as if the chairman is saying he was swindled by former CEO Alex Clifford. Or maybe O’Halloran just melted into Clifford’s pretty smile.

  • CL

    Oh man, I didn’t realize the Taste had already started. I have to drive from Rogers Park to 123rd street today — I’m going to allow like two hours in case of heavy traffic downtown.

    I wish suburban tasters would just take the train downtown, but I know that many of them won’t. . . so traffic is going to be a big problem until it’s over.

  • Fred

    They now have a designated scapegoat. Any/everything wrong will now be blamed on him whether it is deserved or not. The entire idea could have been O’Halloran’s, but it doesn’t matter now because they have Clifford to blame.

  • He’s the Leon Trotsky of Metra!

  • Anonymous

    too bad he wasn’t exiled like Trotsky