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Jessica Cervantes and Gary Resner Talk About Their Divvy Experience

5:33 PM CDT on June 28, 2013


When I encountered Gary Resner, an accountant, and P.E. teacher Jessica Cervantes standing with Divvy bikes underneath the ‘L’ tracks at Clark and Lake, they were looking for a place to dock their rides, so I directed them to the Daley Plaza station, but not before asking them about their bike-share experience.

John Greenfield: So what kind of trips were you taking with the bikes?

Gary Resner: We were down at the Blackhawks rally and we actually took it to go to Navy Pier. New is new, so instead of walking we figured we’d check it out, and now were taking it back to the ‘L’ to go home to Roscoe Village.

JG: How did it work out for you?

Jessica Cervantes: It’s worked out well. It’s been kind of an adventure. It’s a little difficult finding the stations. Between different legs of our trip we would see a bunch on the way. On our first trip we were almost over the 30-minute mark because we were looking all over for a station and finally found one and got the bikes in just in time. Other than that it’s been good.

JG: Cool, so it’s been a positive experience overall. Did you guys buy one-day passes?

GR: Yeah.

JG: Do you think you might buy annual memberships?

GR: As of right now, probably not. I don’t really spent a lot of time in the Loop, and I don’t really ride bikes that often. It’s an experience, though.

JC: Yeah. Seven dollars is worth it for just the day, like we did today. We were one place, wanted to go somewhere else, so that was worth it. If we were around here more, the annual pass would be worth it, but we’re just not down here that much.

GR: It also seems like the summer will be a bigger hit, but I can’t really imagine renting a bike in the middle of the winter. So the annual membership, it’s not really like you’re paying for a full year. You’re only paying for the good eight or ten months that you’re going to be riding a bike.

JG: A lot of people ride all winter, though.

JC: If we were down here more often it would be worth it. But it’s definitely cool for the day.

[Of course, it didn’t occur to me to mention that Roscoe Village will be getting stations in the near future, so perhaps Jessica and Gary will be using Divvy more than they expect.]

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