Today’s Headlines

  • Divvy Launch Pushed Back to June 28, Expanded to 75 Stations (Tribune, WBEZ, Active Trans)
  • Durbin Asks Senate Committee to Support Illinois Rail Projects (AP)
  • Osterman Wants to Reinstate $250 Fines for Sheridan Sidewalk Cycling (DNA)
  • Metra Adding New Station at Peterson and Ravenswood (DNA)
  • Lawsuit Against Driver Who Killed Girl in Highland Park Settled, Trial Moved Back (Tribune)
  • Driver Charged With Hit-and-Run After Striking Grandmother and Boy (Tribune)
  • 10 Fun Facts About the Red Line Rehab (DNA)
  • Survey: 27 Percent of Chicagoans Text or Email When Crossing the Street (RedEye)
  • CDOT Leads Bike Tour of People Spots and People Places (CDOT)
  • Foulkes to Lead Englewood Bike Tour June 22 (DNA)

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  • CL

    I was at Osterman’s public safety meeting last night, and there was some ranting about bikes (from the audience). One guy said he would like to stick out a baseball bat and flip them. The alderman declined to comment on that, but he did say that police officers have been writing more tickets for bikes riding on the sidewalk on Sheridan. It seems like he gets a lot of complaints from residents about this. (Incidentally, I was almost hit by a cyclist on the sidewalk as I left the meeting.)

    There is really no good place for bikes on Sheridan, though. Riding on the road is dangerous and messes up traffic, and of course riding on the sidewalk endangers pedestrians. There needs to be some sort of infrastructure solution, a bike path or something.

  • Anonymous

    There is already a bike path. It is one block west of Sheridan. It’s Kenmore (going North) and Winthrop (going south). It even has a contra flow lane on Ardmore. I think bicycists should use that route, and I am OK with offenders being ticketed.

    Having said that, those residents on Sheridan are a classic case of entitled NIMBYs. I was on the transportation committee a while back (which just disbanded somehow) and folks from Sheridan Road on the committee were advocating for making Broadway as the main thoroughfare in Edgewater and in that way diverting traffic from Sheridan Rd. They even pulled a plan from the late eighties, early nineties out of the drawer, which at that time cost upwards of $10M. From what I understand it got shot down by Osterman’s mom who was the alderman then, after she was pressured by “the rest of Edgewater”.

    Did he talk last night about the plans to extend the Lakefront trail to Thorndale? Wonder what the response was from the local residents.

  • I wish there was stronger NIMBY-ism on Sheriday when it comes to the Mistake by the Lake parking garage:

  • CL

    No, he didn’t mention those plans last night – the meeting was with police commanders, so it was mainly about crime.

    I agree that cyclists should not take Sheridan, but I remember we had a huge fight about this on EveryBlock last year, and some cyclists felt very strongly that they needed to take Sheridan instead of those other roads (I don’t remember why).

  • CL

    I would love a parking garage on my block. I’d never have to worry about parking at night again. What you want in your backyard depends on interests. . . I personally want parking, a Starbucks, and a Forever Yogurt.

  • That parking garage isn’t necessarily going to make parking any easier in the neighborhood. It’s just going to bring a lot more cars to Rogers Park, which will make congestion and walking conditions a lot worse.