Today’s Headlines

  • Wells Street Bridge Closes for Second Time Starting Friday (Tribune, Tattler)
  • Kudos to CTA For Pursuing BRT on Ashland (MPC, Tattler)
  • Truck Exiting Kennedy on Randolph Kills Woman on Foot (Tribune, DNA)
  • Cops: Distracted Driving Led to Teen’s Death in Minooka Crash (Tribune)
  • Crash Kills 1 on I-88 in DeKalb County; Collision on I-94 in Northbrook (Tribune)
  • Burning Semi Blocks Westbound Lanes of Ike in West Loop (Tribune)
  • Top 10 Mistakes Motorists Make Around People on Bikes (RedEye)
  • Intersection Evaluation “Party” 9:30 am Saturday at Halsted and Wrightwood (BWLP)
  • Spring Cycling Tips (Tiny Fix)

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  • Brendan Kevenides

    Brian Moore’s piece in the RedEye about common mistakes that motorists make around people on bikes is generally helpful. However, it contains an error with regard to where IL law requires cyclists to ride. We are not required to “travel in the farthest right hand side of a lane as possible.” The relevant section of the IL Vehicle Code states that cyclists, if traveling at less than the “normal speed of traffic,… shall ride as close as practicable and safe to the right” side of the road. I am a bicycle attorney and bicycle instructor certified by the League of American Bicyclists. Riding as far to the right “as possible” is not the law, nor is it safe. Riding too far to the right makes it harder for drivers to see a cyclist.

  • I agree it was a generally helpful article, except for that detail. Hoprfully the follow-up piece about mistakes by people on bikes won’t scapegoat cyclists.

  • clark wellington

    The Randolph Street pedestrian death is horrific.

    I hate how fast drivers go through this area when exiting/entering the expressway. There needs to be more done to discourage this type of reckless driving, hopefully with changes to the roadway. The driver here should also be punished much more severely – he just took the life of a young woman with an extremely bright future.

  • The Fatality Tracker post for her fatal crash will be posted later today.

  • Would it be accurate if the sentence replaced “right hand side of a lane as possible” with “ride to the right, as much as it is safe”?