CDOT and Taxi Regulator to Post Dooring Awareness Decals in Cab Windows

Santa Monica Door Lane / Bike Lane
Door zone illustration by Gary Kavanagh.

Chicago’s taxi regulator, Rosemary Krimbel, the Business Affairs and Consumer Protection commissioner, revealed on Twitter this Sunday that her department is teaming up with the Chicago Department of Transportation to build awareness that people opening car doors need to look out for passing cyclists. Based on a simple reminder — “LOOK” — this city-led anti-dooring effort will join a grassroots campaign launched in early March.

Here’s what Krimbel tweeted two days ago:


CDOT spokesperson Pete Scales said in an email last Thursday that the “LOOK” stickers are a few weeks away from going public. “They are not yet at the printers, but we’re hoping to get that ordered soon,” he said. “It will be a few more weeks more before we roll it out to the public with a press event with BACP.”


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The “Look Chicago” community group will conduct its first outreach to prevent dooring crashes on Saturday, March 2, in the Wicker Park neighborhood. The Look Chicago street team will meet at 11 a.m. at Milwaukee and Damen to distribute informational flyers to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, proceeding to the site where cyclist Dustin Valenta was doored by a […]

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