Today’s Headlines

  • Fare Hike on CTA One-Day Pass Hurts the Poor (NBC)
  • CTA to Buy Up to 846 New Series 7000 Cars (RedEye, Tattler)
  • Woman Who Ignored Stop Sign in Kane County Killed When She Crashes Into Truck (Sun-Times)
  • “Lovable” Grandmother One of Three Killed in West Side Jeep Crash (DNA)
  • Three Injured in Crash Near Long Grove (Herald)
  • City to Hire $18/Hour Traffic Aides for Red Line Reconstruction (DNA)
  • New CTA “In Case of Emergency” Signs Suggest Riders Be Excellent to Each Other (Time Out)
  • ACTIVATE! Design Competition Seeks Ideas for Energizing Public Spaces (Active Trans)
  • Why is the CTA Suggesting People Ride Transit to Go Drool Over Cars? (Transitized)
  • Ice Ice Baby: Frozen Water Blamed for Metra Door Malfunction (Tribune, Sun-Times)

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  • Joe

    Correction: The CTA is soliciting bids for the 7000-series cars, not additional 5000-series cars

  • iskandr

    If CTA didn’t know where they were selling the majority of one day passes, they are incompetent. If they new, this amounts to redlining–a Title VI issue. pricing a one day at 1/5 the monthly is way too high. As an aside, having passes widely used reduces expired transfer issues making life less of a strain for drivers. Smarten up, CTA!

  • Hopefully this revelation will lead to a drop in price for one-day passes.